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Day 10: Win a 12 month subscription to Cats Protection’s brand new Little Paws Club #KiddyChartsAdvent

We love cats on KiddyCharts. In fact, we have two in the office; Woody and Jessie who we rescued at 5 months old. Before we were lucky enough to get them, we had two other rescue cats, Donkey and Shrek. Cats mean a lot to us. And they mean an awful lot to others too, which is why we have partnered with Cats Protection for Day 10 in our advent giveaways to give away a year’s subscription to their new Little Paws Club.

This image depicts an advertisement for a Cat Advent Giveaway featuring an annual subscription to the Little Paws Club, decorated with festive holiday elements.

Why consider a donation to Cats Protection

Before you enter the giveaway, why not think about donating to the charity through the button above because life is better with cats.

We share our lives with cats. They bring happiness to millions of us every day. Yet too many cats don’t get the care and kindness they deserve. At Cats Protection, they stand up for every cat.

At the forefront of research on cat welfare, they use decades of experience to help all cats and support owners to keep their pets happy and healthy. Their campaigns change laws to give cats more protection and they continue to call for a better deal for cats. In every corner of the country, their passionate volunteers, employees and supporters are using kindness and expertise to make life better for millions of cats and the people who care for them.

What is Little Paws Club

The image shows a variety of items including a coloring sheet, stickers, playing cards, a certificate, a welcome letter, and a poster, all themed around cats, with a child's hands visible.

Little Paws Club is a new monthly postal activity pack for children aged five to seven, in line with Key Stage 1, aiming to inspire children about the wonderful world of felines and highlight just how incredible cats are.

Your Little Paws Club member will receive a wonderful welcome pack through the post including Cats Protection’s very own game of ‘Cat Snaps’ featuring cats they’ve helped. They’ll also receive a Little Paws Club certificate, exclusive poster, colouring sheet and a set of stickers.

Each month they will receive a pack that will include a mini magazine packed full of interesting short articles, puzzles and activities featuring Cats Protection’s very own illustrated cat, Benji, who will guide your young cat lover through their Little Paws Club journey. So that nothing is a surprise, each month, if you opt into emails, we’ll let you know the mini magazine is on the way and give you the heads-up about anything needed to complete the crafts or activities, such as a reminder to save that toilet roll tube!

Click here to read more about Little Paws Club.

How to win the subscription to Little Paws Club from the Cats Protection

As always we just have the Gleam below for you to fill out:

Day 10: Win £12 month subscription to Cats Protection Little Paws Club

There are all the usual options for you for the charity, plus a suggestion to go and visit the site to consider that donation:

  • Visit the Cats Protection website, and consider donating to them to help and support cats in the UK,
  • Pop over to their Facebook page to one of the posts on there tat talks about the work they do with those that have lost their feline friends. Having experienced pet loss, we really understand how important this service is, and it would be wonderful to increase awareness of it. If you like what you see, let your friends know,
  • Explore their Facebook page a little bit too, including considering a donation with them, though this is not required for the giveaway of course,
  • Check out the Cats Protection instagram account too,
  • Sign up for our giveaways, so you don’t miss all the amazing ideas that we have into 2024,
  • Take a look at the Christmas activity book that our elves have put together for the kids this year. It is focused on helping children with their wellbeing, so do print it out, and have a go with them,
  • Retweet the advent tweet, alongside sharing about this specific giveaway, and finally,
  • Share your URL about this giveaway, and if anyone else enters, then you have even more chances to win!

We are closing this giveaway on the 18th December, so there is time for things to be ready for you for Christmas. We cannot guarantee delivery by then of course though.

Why not take a look at the other giveaways that we have on site at the moment?

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See you again for more advent fun soon,

This is an advertisement for "Day 10 Advent," offering a chance to win an annual subscription to Cats Protection's Little Paws Club, with items displayed and a website highlighted.

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Susan B

Sunday 17th of December 2023

I've downloaded the Christmas Activity book as all the activities are excellent. Today I'm particularly liking the Colour, Calm down and breathe.

Susan B

Sunday 17th of December 2023

Life without cats is unthinkable! I have adopted many cats from various rescues over the years and fostered a few, too. They're wonderful companions and much less demanding than dogs.

Joyce Willis

Monday 11th of December 2023

My niece would love this

carla ash

Monday 11th of December 2023

My grandchilden just got kittons they will love reading this

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