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Win Kooliobandz to avoid the holiday turmoil of lost children and lost luggage #KiddychartsSummer

As we approach the summer, its time to make sure we avoid the terror of lost kids and lost luggage; and no, restraints and padlocks don’t always help. ;-) On Day 2 of our summer countdown, we are giving away Koolio products (Kooliobandz) to help make your holidays that little bit more trouble and carefree.


Losing your child or valuable items can make the excitement of going on holiday quickly turn to despair.

In order to help, we are offering three prizes:

  • 1 x KoolioBandz pack, and
  • 1Smart ID pack.

…to help give you all peace of mind over the holiday.

Whether your toddler has wandered off in the busy airport, your suitcase has made its way on to the wrong flight, or your passport, keys or mobile phone have gone missing, the anxiety and stress caused by being parted from your loved ones and valuables can overshadow a holiday.

Following the admission that 10% of parents admit losing children on holiday, and over 30% of families lose valuable items, UK company Koolio has come up with a smart, simple and speedy way to reunite you with your lost child or item.

Over 90% of finders are keen to help return lost items. People who find lost children want to help – the barrier in both cases is getting in contact with the parent/guardian or owner.

Koolio Smart ID tags and children’s wristbands direct the finder to their website with simple instructions. 3 steps later they’re in touch with the parent/guardian or owner (at no cost to the finder). The parent/guardian or owner receives a text,with details as to whereabouts of their child or lost item.

To enter the giveaway, just fill out the widget below, and you are in with a great chance! If you share the unique url we provide as well, when your friends enter, that gives you even more of a chance of winning too. So come on, get sharing! Don’t forget to check out the other summer countdown giveaways too.

Day 2 – Kooliobandz and Smart IDs to help keep kids safe (3 available)

This giveaway closes on Monday 8th August at 11.59pm. The standard T&Cs apply, and this time it is a worldwide giveaway too, so everyone gets to feel a little better about losing their children, if, perish the thought, it should ever happen to you.

Do sign up to our newsletter for the summer countdown, won’t you – we have an brilliant one to finish off tomorrow – Microscooters for the WHOLE family!

This is a sponsored giveaway

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