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Don’t be an Ostrich – do something new every day with the kids this summer

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I am an Ostrich.

I don’t mean that I can run as fast as Usain Bolt, can’t fly, and that I make a mean Omelette with my eggs.

Are you sticking your head in the sand about what you need to do before the summer, or what you can do with the kids OVER the summer? Don't be an Ostrich - just set yourself a simple challenge to do something new every day with them, and life and the summer holiday activities just got simpler!

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An ostrich mum ignores their to do lists

What I mean is that I am ignoring my to do list. I am getting through it, but I seem to have some form of tunnel vision which isn’t letting me see beyond the item I am currently doing on the list to the other 27 things that require my attention.

My head is firmly in the sand on the current “to do ” item. It is very definitely not going to look at everything else that needs to be done in the next few days before the children are with me for six weeks. Nevermind everything else on the list that concerns what I DO with the kids while they are with me. I can’t begin to think about that….

In fact, if my brain allowed myself to think too much beyond work and into the summer, it might just go into palpitations *not that brains do that*

Working mums everyone are doing similar judging by the Facebook reaction to my Ostrich status:

Beat those to do list blues with a new challenge for the kids every single day this summer

Every year, the summer holidays bring many challenges for work at home mums. Being an Ostrich mum just means that those challenges don’t ruin the summer for us, as we don’t allow ourselves to think about them all too deeply – we end up just getting on with it. Typically last minute, at stupid o’clock, but those lists always get done in the end. ;-)

This year, to balance out all the working day challenges that I have, I am actually looking at setting my kids a challenge for the summer as suggested by Quercus Living.

Working at home means I have to do something new pretty much every day to try and keep my business running, and clients happy. Therefore, why not set the kids a Summer Holiday Challenge where they do something new every single day too? This helps to remove some of my to do list items too; bargain.

It could be something simple, such as reading a new book, or trying out a sport they haven’t done before, to a little more complicated a challenge, like sewing a cushion! There are so many wonderful activities on Pinterest to choose from, as well as those on this blog too.

Why not join us? It can be all too easy to allow screen time to take over in the summertime, particularly when you need to get that work done. Trying something new every day with the kids will encourage you to get out, and broaden their horizons, and possibly even yours.

Let us know how you get on won’t you? And do tell us all the exciting activities you get into too, won’t you?

Hey – I just finished this article, that’s something else off the list without me even realising it. Brilliant.

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