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#Win HomeHalo internet safety subscription (£75) for the kids; your internet guardian angel

We have been rocking it with the giveaways this week,. some fantastic prizes already up for grabs, with Scooters, toys and more toys; even the odd nappy thrown in too ;-) Today though, we are going high tech on you all as we give away a year’s subscription to the HomeHalo router and internet safety package. We have reviewed HomeHalo on the site, and we love it. It is a really simple concept that makes it so much easier to control when and what your kids are seeing when they log in through their devices in your house.

We are offering you the ability to help your kids be safe on the internet with this year subscription to the HomeHalo internet guardian angel that helps you to manage what they see and whey they use their devices. Closes 16th Dec.

In addition, the genius system lets you check exactly what they have been looking at from your mobile phone, so you really do know what is going on without having to look over your ten-year old daughter’s shoulder *coughs*

The internet is a vital resource for kids. It’s a platform that fuels their curiosity, helping them learn about the world around them. But with growing risks from screen addiction, cyber-bullying and access to inappropriate content, it’s hard for parents to know how to protect their children online. We are all in this together!

How can you give your kids a balanced digital diet without looking over their shoulders all the time? How can they have the space they need to grow, whilst avoiding harmful content?

This is where HomeHalo is designed to help, with total simplicity in mind. HomeHalo is a smartphone app and WiFi router that gives you flexible control over your family’s internet. The intuitive app allows you to set time limits, block inappropriate sites, activate homework mode and much more, all from your smartphone. Compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, HomeHalo enables your kids to use the web safely, giving you peace of mind. Order yours today

We have a HomeHalo router to give away (£35) as well as a full year’s subscription to the package, which usually costs £3 per month – so that’s around £75 worth of kit that we have for free to help you and the kids feel safer on the internet.

As always, sign up to the giveaways so you don’t miss the next few we have for you.

Without further ado, we are going to let you get on with entering the giveaway – just a few widget entries to fill out. Have fun.

Day 8 – Full year subscription to HomeHalo; your internet guardian angel

This closes on Wednesday 16th December at 11.59pm. You must reply within 48hrs to get the prize before Christmas, but this cannot be guaranteed – we will of course do our best. This is only valid for UK entrants. All other T&Cs for the site giveaways apply.

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