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Free Christmas gingerbread man colouring page to download and print

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Next in line in our festive printable series is the free Christmas gingerbread man colouring page to download and print.

As with all of the colouring pages in the 12 days of Christmas series this one too is absolutely free to download and print.

Have your kids coloured any of the ones we shared in the previous days? There have been quite a few already, like we shared and adorable kicking elf colouring page yesterday and a delicious looking Christmas pud colouring sheet a day before, or a snowman we shared before that amongst other festive designs. If they have coloured any of these already, or if they have used them in their creative projects I would love if you would share their creations with me, pop over to our Facebook page and share a photo of their creations so we can see it.

Today’s colouring page is 7th in line (5 more fun ones to come) and this time around your kids will be colouring a gingerbread man along with other delicious looking candy. So hurry up and sharpen the colouring pens and have your kids colour in this fun guy. I think this one would look great if your kids would colour it with colouring pens and then colour the icing details with puffy paint to give it more texture. Glitter will make this guy look even more festive.

Do you bake gingerbread man cookies with your kids? I think is such a wonderful thing to do with the kids, oh and the smell that fills the house once you take them out of the oven… This is how memories are made.

Be sure to drop by again tomorrow as the 12 days of Christmas series continues and we will be sharing a brand new free colouring page for your kids with you again.

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