#Win Champion basketball stand from Big Game Hunters (RRP £199)

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We have something A-MA-ZING for you today – a giveaway worth £199 from the fantastic people at Big Game Hunters, knows as The Play Experts.

They have a wonderful site, with so many amazing toys for the kids, you would love them all! This week, we are giving away a Champion Basketball stand with a RRP of £199 – what is not to like about that, OK?


My son is a massive basketball fine, and can often be found in the garden playing with his stand. He even has a little game set up between him and his trampoline and the basketball net.

It’s a simple idea – bounce and throw from the trampoline, into the basketball hoop – minding your head of course! ;-) He isn’t going to win any Olympic medals, but its enough to keep him busy for a few hours while I sit down for a cuppa! ;-)


The Bee Ball Champion basketball stand is an impressively sized basketball stand. The ring stands at full NBA height (3.05m), but can be adjusted down to 2.35m for younger children. The large base has wheels in so can be moved around and stored easily when not in use. The large rectangular backboard in made form reinforced Perspex so is extremely hard wearing and a good size giving children (or adults) a real-feel when practising different shots.

The stand is built to last and will give your children or teens every reason to spend endless evenings and weekends outside being active.  You can find this and the other basketball stands and equipment at Big Game Hunters here: https://www.biggamehunters.co.uk/acatalog/Basketball-Equipment.html

As usual with our giveaways, you just need to fill out the handy little widget, and we will draw one winner randomly when the competition closes after 11.59pm on Thursday 11th December.

Champion Basketball Stand from Big Game Hunters (RRP £199)

The T&Cs for this comp are the same as always, and this is UK only too. Get in there before we close on the 11th December as well. If you would like to check out some of the other giveaways on the site, do sign up to our 12 giveaways in 12 days newsletter as well.


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  • Christmas is the best time of the year, with many songs bringing people near, In my office people adore the secret santa draw, with everyone having a good moan, and I always have to answer the telephone, hoping its not the office clown, as I turn around, it seems to me someone has given it him for me. As the draw has ended and every ones expression showing their glee. All I am thinking I wish it had not been me. His idea of presents is not for me, as one year he gave to me, a jack in the box and it jumped out at me.

  • Thank you for this
    Thank you for this great giveaway. Good to see something on offer that encourages physical activity AND fun. So many giveaways aimed at kids at the moment are DVDs and other sedentary pastimes. Well done Kiddycharts!

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