Win Brecon Wooden Double Swing Set and Slide worth £374.99!

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We still have a few weeks of Summer left here in the UK, so what better way to celebrate, than to giveaway an amazing toy, to help your kids enjoy it even more. We have the PERFECT gift for them all – an amazing DOUBLE SWING SET and SLIDE from TP Toys. Don’t forget to look at the other giveaways on the site too.

Our prize today is *drum roll* some children’s play equipment from the manufacturer  TP Toys…… a Brecon Wooden Double Swing Set and Slide with the RRP of £374.99.

Kids playing on a double swing set
Note: The colour of this slide has now changed to a darker teal blue and is not as pictured.

TP Toys have played a key part in the children’s toy industry since the 1950’s, constantly innovating and creating new and amazing products such as climbing framesplayhouses, swing sets and trampolines.

Rugged and rustic, this Double Round wood swing frame with Deck and Slide comes complete with 2 brightly coloured lime swing seats and a climb up deck with 8ft Slide exit for more fun.

The set is easy to assemble and includes a wraparound swing collars which make changing the seats very easy, it comes supplied complete with ground stakes and full instructions and is made from pressure treated FSC certified wood.

This giveaway comes after a recent survey commissioned by TP Toys on the amount of time children are spending outside. The survey reveals that children are spending less time outside than ever, with parents admitting that they are struggling to encourage them to leave the house. Nearly two-thirds of children (61%) spend four hours or less playing outside a week with one in 10 spending less than an hour outside per week. 

“Despite the decline in children playing outside socialising and running around in the fresh air is an important part of learning and is something we should still be encouraging for both children and adults.”

TP Toys Digital Marketing Manager, Kyle Maglione

Let’s get our kids outside – the ways to enter the giveaway are simple, and through the Gleam widget below:

  • Pop along to the TP Toys website, and tell us which of their products (other than the prize), that you like the best and why you think it’ll help YOU kids get outside,
  • Follow TP Toys on Twitter, so you don’t miss out on the wonderful products that they have to offer,
  • Share the tweet about the giveaway mentioning our brands, and finally
  • Share the unique link that you can generate within the Gleam widget with you friends. If they enter, then you have more chances to win.

We’d love for you to help your kids get active this summer – so get on it now!

Young girl flying high on a swing with a green seat.
Win Brecon Wooden Double Swing Set and Slide worth £374.99

We are keeping this open for a few weeks, so that you have a little bit of time to enter and don’t miss out. The closing date is Monday 23rd September at 11.59pm.

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Thanks again for popping along to see us, and take care.

Young girl flying high on a swing with a green seat. Contains caption covering prize value.

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  • TP Kingswood Hanover Wooden Swing Set & Slide-FSC for my grandaughters as they have everything they love on it, l probably would struggle to get them off it :D

  • TP CrazyWavy Slide with Stepset because my niece can’t get enough of slides since she discovered them and this looks like a decent height without losing stability

  • William and Ava love playing outdoors and I know they would love lots of your lovely things I think the mud kitchen would really suit them down to the ground as they love getting mucky

  • I love the range of trampolines. My kids love going on their cousins trampoline and would LOVE one of their own. It would help keep them fit and active as they are always full of beans, so they could be jumping beans

  • I love the TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen. My children love being outdoors anyway but this would give them hours of outdoor fun!

  • My granddaughter would love the wooden playhouse she loves playing in the garden and she would be out there a lot more with something like this

  • I think that the wooden playhouse with slide would get the children outside in all weathers because it has a shelter if it rains and is such fun for youngsters.

  • Love the leap level 2 trampoline, we used to have one and the kids were always bouncing around on it so, for us, trampolines are a tried and tested way of encouraging outside play!

    • My children would love a sand pit the wooden one is lovely, my boy Charlie 3 just had his first trip to the seaside and he is always talking about sandcastles

  • TP Challenger® Trampoline! They can’t resist because it is so much fun it overcomes laziness and boredom and bad attitudes! haha!

  • I love the TP Pirate Galleon Wooden Playhouse the best. My kids loves gardening so they’d plant flowers aroud the ship and we’d all play pirates and fairies as a family. They love being outdoors anyway but this would make it permanent

  • The Lil’ Monkey Climbing Dome would definitely help me to get Leo outside. Leo loves climbing and he also loves to build dens, this would be the perfect combination of both. He could climb, hang and swing to his heart’s content and when he got fed up with that he would drape throws all over it and build a den. He’d probably pinch the cushions off my sofa to make it comfy too!

  • All of the items look absolutely amazing but if I were too choose a favourite I’d say the Padstow wooden playhouse & slide. It reminds me of a playhouse my uncle built for us when we were kids & you couldn’t keep us out of it! It was so much fun so I definitely think this would be great to get kids playing outdoors.

  • I’m really intrigued by the new infiniti trampoline and I think it would be a big hit with my son who loves trampolines anyway but I can imagine him spending a lot of time on it trying to bounce even higher

  • Loving the TP Pirate Galleon Wooden Playhouse, my grandsons would love to play in and on delightful playhouse, the eldest lad likes all thing pirate’s and I’m sure that their imagination’s would go into overdrive ( as long as I don’t have to walk the plank!)

  • I really love the mud kitchens; our boy is going thru a stage of wanting to cook and make things like pies and cakes. So this would be amazing.

  • I love this trampoline TP Hip Hop® Trampoline – the net will keep them safe during ;long periods of outside fun.

  • The TP Bramble Cottage Wooden Playhouse – FSC® would be perfect for Sophie as she loves to play house & also have her own space when she needs it but still be playing outside & not in front of a tv screen.

  • Love the TP Muddy Maker Wooden Mud Kitchen-FSC® ideal for messy, fun outdoor play. Would encourage, language, role play, motor skills, great all round toy

  • I think the Playhouse would be great as my daughter would love to set that up as her own little space where she could take her animals to play in

  • My grandchildren would love the TP Kingswood Hanover Wooden Swing Set & Slide, it would be like having their own personal park in their garden. They’d never want to be indoors and burning off all their energy would be very welcome by mum & dad

  • TP Bramble Cottage Wooden Playhouse is my favourite as my 5 year old niece Olivia would love it thanks for the #giveaway

  • I think my niece and nephew would love to play in the TP Bramble Cottage Wooden Playhouse and I know it will definitely get them both outside playing more – They have a playhouse at nursery and they absolutely love it, Most days it is hard to get them out of the playhouse at home time.

  • TP Infinity® Leap – 2 level Trampoline… looks a incredible bit of kit. As soon as the kids seen me enjoy it they will want to enjoy it too

  • cascade water tray- my grandson loves water and watering plants and flowers so would help with knowledge of nature

  • The TP Treetops Wooden Tower Playhouse with Toy Box-FSC® looks perfect for our garden and family providing shelter, exercise and fun.

  • The Cascade Blue Tray as most children love to play with water and it gets them outside in the fresh air and they also seem to like to use the water to water the plants which helps them to learn about plants and growing them

  • My kids would love the TP Kingswood Normandy Wooden Climbing Frame & Slide-FSC to climb and slide down no matter what the weather and they like to be active

  • Oh my gosh it would have to be the infinity leap trampoline. Having 3 boys who are trampolinr obsessed they would love this.

  • Katie Skeoch the TP Deluxe Mud Kitchen Playhouse Accessory looks great fun, outdoor messy play is great for entertaining the kids, whatever the weather!

  • Any of the climbing frames would be fab for my 2 terrors! They are constantly climbing on things and love nothing more than hanging upside down from things! This would sure get them away from the telly and outside!!!

  • The pirate wooden playhouse would definitely encourage my nephews to play outside more. A lot of the time it is boredom that keeps them in because they don’t have many outdoor toys, but I know they would love this

  • the TP Manor Wooden Playhouse looks amazing and the little ones would love socialising with their friends and playing games and having picnics inside that

  • The stable door wooden playhouse is beautiful. I can imagine my children playing for hours because there are so many different games that can facilitate with some imaginative play

  • TP Muddy Maker Wooden Mud Kitchen-FSC® – perfect for my little chef who likes to get messy. she couldn’t resist getting out to play with this

  • The Classic Trampolines would encourage children to pay outdoors. Getting not only fresh air but vitamin D from the sun. This would be idea exercise for any age chid as a children ove to bounce as it is so much fun

  • The TP Infinity® Leap Trampoline looks amazing, my daughter is a budding gymnast so would love this and all the children I look after love going to those big trampoline parks, so this would go down a storm!

  • The TP Forest wooden seesaw as they love anything that goes round and round. They spend ages spinning each other round on my mums office chair.

  • The Vuly Thunder Summer Trampoline. I love things like this because it keeps them so active and the love showing me tricks xx

  • I love the TP Bramble Cottage Wooden Playhouse, and it would be great for playing house and encouraging their imaginations

  • We love the TP Spiro Hop® Seesaw. It looks so much fun and I think it would encourage the kids to get outside because it’s something that they can do together and it’s really fun.

  • TP Kingswood Normandy Wooden Climbing Frame & Slide. It’s similar to the one at our local park and the girls love it. Especially my 5 year old, she stands on the platform part pretending to be an ice cream seller haha.
    They would definitely be outside as much as possible if they had something like this alongside their pool :)

  • TP Forest Toddler Wooden Swing Set & Slide-FSC® Is fabulous , just the sort of thing to draw children to the outside

    • I like the TP Forest Cabin Wooden Playhouse, they can even play outside when the weather is not nice because they can play under cover.

  • Definitely the TP Pirate Galleon Wooden Playhouse. This would certainly get my 3 boys outside because they love pretending to be pirates searching for buried treasure.

  • Play house – great for stretching young minds and creative play – great when the weather is bad too for all their friends

  • My son would love one of the custom playsets. He adores being outside and if he had one of the play towers I think we would struggle to get him to come in!

  • The TP Infinity® Leap – 2 level Trampoline would get my kids outside, they love the school trampolines and this would add some more excitement to their bouncing

  • The TP Hip Hop® Trampoline looks great. I know my niece would be on it all day if she had it. She always spends most of her time on the trampoline when we go to softplay.

  • I love the TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen-FSC®- there is nothing better than a chance to get muddy and make mud pies to get children out to play in the fresh air

  • TP Kingswood Bruce Wooden Swing Set & Slide-FSC®
    This would be ideal for my daughter to help fuse her imagination. Playing rapunzel in her own tower, being able to have fun and going up and down the slide and playing on the swing or just hanging out with friends. Hours of fun!

  • The TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen-FSC® as my girls could really use their wonderful imaginations and keep the messy fun outside

  • We have been saving up to afford some neat toys for the kids and this set would be going above and beyond, would love to see the smile on their faces.

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