#Win all new Oliba; the solution to your children’s worries!

Turn Oliba into a nightlight to help those night-time fears...

We have made it into double figures for our advent giveaways today, as its the tenth on December today. We still have lots of giveaways open, so do check them all out, and we have another one for you.

Oliba is currently looking for crowd funding, and is a unique idea…he is a cute little owl that you can attach easily to any favourite cuddly toy.  Oliba turns regular cuddly toys into connected, storytelling toys.

Most of us have experienced some of the following:

Losing that favourite teddy
Oliba is a toy specifically designed to stop this. It is a connected device that helps you locate the cuddly toy with its little song. The Oliba app alerts you when the cuddly toy is over 50m away so parents can be sure they won’t forget it anywhere while on the go.

Fear of darkness when it’s bedtime
Oliba is also a night light that you can set with the app (light, style, duration, intensity). It even allows you to start and stop when you want it. It’s also quite mobile, as you can easily clip to any plush or soft toy.

Hoping for hassle free travel time
Oliba can help you and your kids as they travel. Kids can listen to their favourite songs or even mummy’s and daddy’s voice while traveling in the car,  or evenin the buggy. Parents are able to upload some lullabies and even stories to help kids to chill out while travelling. Parents can set up all the content with the app, and also adjust the volume and the duration. Once the settings are stored in Oliba, kids can activate Oliba manually, without requiring any phone.

Separation anxiety
To help to soothe your children when you are away, you can record your voice with a little reassuring message as well!

…well Oliba is there to help us now! :-D

Oliba short demo video from Smarty Crew on Vimeo.

He’s a little cutie ;-) We are offering a lucky winner the chance to get their hands on an Oliba for their children. All they need to do is fill out the widget, and also visit the crowd funding page and try and raise a little awareness of this great idea.

If you are wondering what Oliba is - then this explains it perfectly. A little owl that helps your kids to keep their favourite toy, and reduce separation anxiety and fear of the dark too!

If it’s funded, then you get one of them for free!

Day 10 – Oliba to help ease your chid’s fears and so their favourite toy won’t get lost

As always, this contest closes a little before the crowd funding campaign, so you can opt to get your hands on an Oliba that way if you don’t quite manage to win. They are usually over $75, but you can fund them at $34, that’s a 49% saving, so why not take a look?

The closing date for this giveaway is 15th December at 11.59pm. All other terms and conditions apply, and this giveaway is WORLDWIDE. You will definitely receive your prize if the crowd funding occurs; however even if the $30,000 target it not met, the Oliba is still expected to go into production, so it is likely your prize will be safe. However, KiddyCharts cannot guarantee this.

This is a sponsored giveaway.


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