12 creative Christmas hacks with 12 great giveaways too!

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If you are looking for some great ways to get creative and make Christmas easier then we have some ideas here from Euroffice, and there are more on the blog. Why not pop on over and mack your Christmas easier?

As we continue with our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, we have spotted another one that combines great creative Christmas hacks with some wonderful products for you all to win.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we thought we would tell you all about it! So why not nip on over to the Euroffice website for their 12 Days of Christmas event.

Everyday Euroffice are getting creative and giving you all some wonderful ideas for Christmas, a DIY Advent Calendar in fact, where they are presenting their 12 ideas and hacks for getting creative this Christmas. Some of the ideas that have been presented on the blog, are perfect for making your Christmas that little bit less stressful.

Making those gift tags personal

For example, what about creating those sticky labels for your presents?

How to create great sticky labels for your Christmas presents with Avery

We all want that wrapping to look amazing on Christmas morning, well how about using Avery to create the perfect personalised tags?

Once you have the tags, sometimes that Christmas wrapping can be a bit of a task in itself can’t it?

Christmas gift wrapping paper hacks

Another of Euroffice’s articles gives some great ideas on Christmas wrapping hacks, such as wrapping those awkward shaped presents, from bottles to bonbon style, to making your own wrapping where the kids can really get involved.

What about this as a great way to get your kids to get creative with their wrapping!

I just love this idea…you might even find that the kids wait a little before they rip the wrapping off…!

Alongside their 12 ideas and hacks for a creative Christmas, they are offering lots of great prizes to UK residents too on Twitter.

Competitions for you to help you and the kids get your craft on into the New Year

We have hunted out the relevant tweets for you, so that you can enter each day easily. All these competitions close on Thursday 31st December at 11.59pm for the UK only and further T&Cs are available from Euroffice.

Some great stuff for you and the kids to get your crafty on well into the new year with!

For all the posts around Christmas, do pop along to Euroffice 12 Days of Christmas and have some fun. There really are some great ideas, and enough so that there is something for everyone too.

Christmas hacks to make your Christmas easier and better for one and all.

To help create these great Christmas hacks, do visit the relevant article on Euroffice:

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