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Win a £70 bundle of Lonely Planet Kids books (FIVE available) #KiddyChartsAdvent

(This is a Sponsored Giveaway) After kicking off with Micro Scooters with over £500 of goodies yesterday, we have £350 of books to give away today! You can inspire children to be curious about the wonderful world we live in with one of these brilliant book bundles from Lonely Planet Kids.

We’ve got five bundles of books – worth over £70 each – up for grabs.

Each bundle contains:

101 Small Ways to Change the World: From random acts of kindness to craft projects and energy-saving challenges, this practical, fun and creative book inspires children to make a real difference in the world. It encourages positive values, helping each child to strengthen relationships at school, with their family, the wider community and the environment. (£9.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

Build your own Dinosaur Museum: Calling all dinosaur experts! We’ve just received a crate of dinosaur fossils – and they need assembling! There are five pop-up dinosaurs to put together, including a Triceratops, Stegosaurus and T-Rex. (£14.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

Ancient Wonders – Then and Now: From the Colosseum and the Great Pyramid of Giza to Machu Picchu, take an interactive tour through the world’s greatest ancient wonders. Discover what remains of them today, then open gatefolds and lift flaps to see what they once looked like and learn about the ancient civilisations that built them. (£12.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

The Daredevil’s Guide to Dangerous Places: If you love travel and adventure with a little bit of danger thrown in, jump aboard the dangermobile! Explore some of the planet’s most extreme environments, from the fires of the erupting Stromboli volcano to the world’s fastest winds at freezing Mount Washington and venomous Snake island off the coast of Brazil. (£8.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

How Airport’s Work: Where does luggage go after check in? What happens in the control tower? How do planes actually fly? Uncover the hidden secrets of the airport with this interactive, lift-the-flap book.  Take a peek inside the cockpit and discover the hustle and bustle of departures. (£12.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

Cardboard Box Creations: Journey around the globe with big and small projects to make from recycled cardboard. Take off in a space rocket, dance with a Chinese dragon, play an Australian didgeridoo, camp out in a North American tent and more (£11.99)

Enter to win a book bundle from Lonely Planet kids! #books #kids #giveaways

The entry is, as always, through the Gleam widget below. You enter by joining JP Kids newsletter, which entitles you to 30% of your first order, and by following LP Kids on Twitter was well. You will also get extra entries if you share your unique link, and friends enter too.

So come on in and enter with us this Christmas!

Win £70 Lonely Planet Kids book bundle (FIVE available)

Closing date for entries is Sunday 16th December at 11.59pm, and you will need to reply to the winner email FAST to get your goodies by Christmas of course.

Why not sign up to our advent email list if you haven’t already?

You can also sign up to the site too, as we do loads of great giveaways on here; our readers love them and as do we.

Good luck.


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Bob Vant

Thursday 6th of December 2018

I know one girl who will devour these books......

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