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Win a bundle of Learning Resources Toys worth over £150 #KiddyChartsAdvent

(This is a sponsored giveaway) Our next giveaway in our advent spectacular is for over £150 of toys from the fabulous Learning Resources.

We have a selection of goodies from them for you including:

Just in case you don’t know about these amazing toys – here is some more information, including links to the toys on Amazon as well.


Botley, from Learning Resources, is the fun, friendly way for young children to learn coding and, unlike most coding robots aimed at older kids, doesn’t require a tablet or smartphone. Ready to use straight out of the box, Botley is the only robot on the market that comes with a full activity set, allowing children to create obstacle courses for endless hours of coding fun.

These resources also grow with the child. They start with basic coding commands and, as their skills grow, they can try more advanced coding challenges with their robot friend, meaning older kids can enjoy Botley too. There are many features to discover including black line following and smart logic to detect objects (and avoid them). Botley even makes playful sounds and has hidden features for children to discover.

The ideal introduction to coding, Botley encourages early programming skills while developing critical thinking and problem solving in young learners.

Botley™ The Coding Robot Action Challenge Accessory Set

Engage children as young as 5 in a basic form of coding and logic with this 40-piece accessory set. It enables users to extend the learning and test their skills with Botley even further!

The set includes everything you need to set up STEM inspired challenges to programme Botley through and develop critical thinking and problem solving:

  • 30 small dominos,
  • Two balls,
  • Swinging hammer,
  • Rotating gate,
  • Ramp,
  • Large domino,
  • Medium domino,
  • Cup, and
  • Specially design detachable arms and activity guide.

Win £150 of Learning Resources toys - enter today! #giveaways #toys

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Machines in Motion

Support and build STEM skills with Machines in Motion. This set develops fine motor skills as children put cogs and gears together. They can mix and match the pieces to provide hands-on learning and play possibilities. The open-ended designs will create endless combinations, encouraging exploration, discovery and preventing boredom.
Set of 112 pieces includes:

  • Sturdy plastic gears
  • Propellers
  • Wrecking ball
  • Chains,
  • Pulleys
  • Wheels, and
  • Axles.

Stems® (Tub of 60)

Stems is the incredibly flexible ‘maker’ toy that stimulates STEM learning through creative construction. Every Stem is exactly the same simple shape, they are so bendy that you only need this one shape to make pretty much anything you can imagine! Incredibly tactile and brightly coloured, Stems’ possibilities are as unlimited as a child’s imagination! Strong, lightweight and very portable Stems deliver long lasting play value as one bright colourful creation follows another.

Win £150 of Learning Resources toys - enter today! #giveaways #toys

As usual, entry is simply via the Gleam widget below – so get on with it! 🤣

Win £150 bundle of fabulous toys from Learning Resources

The giveaway is for the UK only, and the usual T&Cs apply. The closing date for this is the 15th Dec at 11.59pm, and do reply promptly to the winners email as otherwise we might not be able to get the toys to you in time for Christmas.

Don’t forget to sign up for the website emails, so you don’t miss anything on the site.

We presume you have already signed up for the advent ones, but if you haven’t, why ever not?!?

Hope to see you again soon, and maybe even tomorrow to see what we have for our next giveaway.


Win an amazing £150 bundle of toys #win #giveaways #toys

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Susan B

Friday 7th of December 2018

Day 1 and Day 23: Dot to dot because it supports the youngest's learning and she loves to see what she has drawn at the end.

Liam Bishop

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Thanks for this! I just downloaded and printed for my kids, I think they'll enjoy doing these each day after school!

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