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Win £150 in vouchers with Channel Mum; Amazon, Primark and Smyths toys so everyone is happy!

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Channel Mum have another amazing competition for you - win £50 from Amazon, Smyths Toys and Primark - £150 in total for you to cover everything you might need! #giveaways #win #competitions
We are a bit sad now pon KiddyCharts as ALL our 12 days of Christmas giveaways have now come to an end, so it is lucky that there is something happening over on Channel Mum to make us all feel better, isn’t there.

<< Visit Channel Mum for your chance to win £150 of vouchers >>

Channel Mum have been spoiling us all with the competitions that they have over the Christmas paeriod, and this one is no different; beautifully shared with us on their Facebook page by Charlie o’Brien and her gorgeous little lady; Luna.

Imagine what you could buy with £50 from Primark, Smyths Toys AND Amazon. That is pretty much a new wardrobe with Primark, and some great toys for Christmas for the kids, alongside a little treat from Amazon for yourself perhaps?

Make sure you don’t just spend it on other people – won’t you – we don’t want all those mums and dads missing out too much because they keep thinking of the kids and not themselves!

That just wouldn’t be on now, would it?

As always, we try and bring you great giveaways on this site, from Channel Mum, and other partners that we have found for you. Do sign up to our blog posts if you want to stay up to date with what we have; and make sure you get the regular printables that we share too.

Thanks so much for reading this, and have a good day!

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