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Win £168 bundle of Playmobil Aqua toys to promote sun safety #SunSorted2022 | ad

We have a wonderful giveaway today with some amazing Playmobil Aqua toys, part of a campaign to help all the  family understand to the importance of staying safe in the sun, from the Melanoma Fund.

We are giving away THREE bundles of Aqua Playmobil toys, including the Park Swimmer set.. The swimmer in this set becomes sunburnt if you leave them out in the sun, illustrating how easy it is to burn if you don’t apply sunscreen whilst playing outdoors, just like us…..

You can find out lots more about sun safety in the Melanoma Fund’s new Sun-Sorted! quiz which helps children  understand why it is important to be protected, featuring amazing facts, providing a fun but educational learning experience over the half term holidays.

You can work together as a family on the quiz, and all those completing it are eligible for a free personalised certificate with a score ranging from ‘Solar Starter’ to ‘Solar Superpower.’

We are giving away all the following amazing prizes to three lucky winners in this competition, to help raise awareness of the Sun-Sorted! campaign:

This is a fantastic opportunity to teach children (and update your own knowledge) about sun safety, while setting up your own Playmobil water park! Take the Sun-Sorted! quiz here.

How to enter to win the Playmobil Aqua bundle?

We don’t want you to have to scroll too far to enter, but we also know you want to know what you are winning, so if you would like to find out exactly what’s included – scroll down.

We have a few ways for you to enter this giveaway including:

  • Following the Melanoma Fund UK on Twitter,
  • Tweeting about the giveaway with the campaign hashtag: #SunSorted2022
  • Visiting the Quiz on the Melanoma Fund UK’s website, and taking part so you are sun safe this spring, and into summer,
  • Commenting on this blog post with your name, and what level you got in the quiz. We would love to hear what you thought of it too!
  • Sharing your unique link about the giveaway for extra entries, you can do this as many times as you like, but if your friends enter, you are only able to get an additional 10 entries maximum.

Our Gleam widget below allows you to enter the quiz – closing date is Thursday 3rd March at 11.59pm. This is open to all UK readers only, and all other terms and conditions for the site’s giveaways apply.

Win Playmobil Aqua sets worth £168 with SunSorted and Melanoma Fund UK (3 available)

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What does the Playmobil bundle contain?

This bundle has LOADS of play value, with lots of different imaginative tools for your kids. From playing with the swimmer that sunburns, to shopping at the Crepe Cart, hiring a boat, and messing about at the water park and the small swimming pool. This really is like going to your local water park in your lounge!

Aqua Park Swimmer – RRP £7.99

Relax with your simmer, and make sure you don’t leave him too long outside in the sun, as otherwise he’ll sunburn! Relax with your coconut in your inflatable, but stay safe and re-apply your sunscream when you need to. Take the Sun-Sorted! quiz to help understand why this is so important for us all.

Aqua Park Water Park with Slides – RRP £44.99

This is a gorgeous set – with a fillable water pool, slides, including a vertical one, and loads of free figures to go along with the set. And who wouldn’t love the centre-piece purple fish that cover the kamikaze water slide.

Aqua Park Small Pool with Water Sprayer – RRP £34.99

Loads more water fun with this set, including a removable fish suit for one of the Playmobil characters, a pump to fill up the shower, and the all important water sprayer and target. Perfect for spring and summer time fun in and outside the house!

Aqua Park Children’s Pool with Slide – RRP £19.99

This time, we’ve got a whirlpool alongside the little pool, for you to get your Playmobil characters relaxing in. The pump works for the jacuzzi as well; so another added extra for these sets that will really help with your kids’ imaginative play.

Aqua Park Paddle Boat Rental -RRP £24.99

This is a lovely gift set, with two boats that float, so you can play with them alongside the set, or even take them into the bath. Why not have your Playmobil figures have a nice relaxing juice next to the juice bar after they have had their fun in the water park?

Aqua Park Swimming Island – RRP £17.99

This is the cutest swimming island in the shape of a pink fish; it floats too of course. The island comes with clamps to enable you to attach up to four figures, and the fish also has glow in the dark parts to it for extra fun. You can play both inside and out with this depending on where your children decide to take their water park story!

Aqua Park Crêpe Cart – RRP £12.99

Our final prize is another cart for the Aqua park – who want’s one of the delicious crepes that are for sale here?

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Thanks, as always for coming to visit us, and we really hope that we will see you again soon.


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Susan Fraser

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

13/13 (100%) Solar scale score SOLAR SUPERPOWER: Amazing! Be sure to educate others with your knowledge!

Natalie Gillham

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

I cant remember my score now but I got two wrong :)

Alice lightning

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Solar power I got 10/13 not bad x

fiona d

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

I got full marks, I am 54 years old though so would like to think I've learned something along the way & can pass on that knowledge to friends and family

Miriam Pereira

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

My daughters love water so they would love these!!!!!!

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