Join in with our Christmas Advent giveaways TODAY and help us give to Young Minds! #KiddyChartsAdvent

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It is BACK. Our Christmas Advent giveaways are going to be coming back to the site in December, and you HAVE to be in it, to win it *again*!

This year, there is an even more important reason for you to sign up and make it a success though.

KiddyCharts are now officially a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE and at least 80% of our profits are going to the Young Minds Charity

I know, we got straight in there with the sign up form for our newsletter didn’t we. But why wouldn’t you want to take part – given that if you do you are contributing to such a wonderful cause.

It is BACK. Our Christmas Advent giveaways are going to be coming back to the site in December, and you HAVE to be in it, to win it *again*!

Even better – why don’t you spread the word about it now and share this article?

Come and join in with the #KiddyChartsAdvent for 2019 - a giveaway a day for LOADS of Pre-Christmas Fun, Fun, FUN!Click to Tweet

KiddyCharts was created to help parents with their kids; from the start with simple reward charts, and now through supporting charities and developing loads of wonderful free resources to keep kids busy, and to educate *subtlety.*

We want parents to get an easier ride it what is a tough place for them, and for their kids. Your resources help, and so does the work that Young Minds does.

This charity provides much needed support for young people, aged 5 to 16 – helping them navigate a world where there are so many pressures on young people’s mental health.

Join us and help US, help THEM.

We do the advent on KiddyCharts every year to get Christmas started with a little bit of a fabulous BANG for our readers. We have a FREE activity book to give to you all alongside the giveaways; an activity a day until Christmas.

That is 24 activities for you all – why not check out the Christmas Activity Book from last year to see what we mean. We have a bit of an Elf theme this year though; so watch this space!

Every brand we work with features within the activity book to give you some amazing ideas for Christmas too.

24 Christmas activities for kids; Free eBook #KiddyChartsAdvent

And if it is a bit early for you for Christmas, why not take a look at all the other Free eBooks for kids we have?

From the 1st December, we have Advent giveaways every day, usually for at least a week. We already have some amazing brands taking part in our activities including:

  • Lonely Planet Kids (UK affiliate link), whose books are so perfect for our site – with both a travel (which we love) and learning theme,
  • Microscooters, who have worked with us every year since we starting doing our advent in 2014,
  • Orchard Toys, a company we just LOVE for their wonderful toys, and educational games for kids, and
  • A fabulous book giveaway from fellow wonderful kid bloggers including Red Ted Art, Science Sparks, Baby Budgeting, including books on:
    • Paper Crafts for Kids,
    • Snackable Science activities, and
    • Create your Own Happy to help your kids to be as happy as they can be whatever their challenges, and
    • Our own Mindfulness Colouring Book for Kids and Adults too naturally, and finally
  • More we can’t say about just yet! 😉

We would love to have you with us on our Advent giveaways journey, so sign up today, so you don’t miss out on any of the great giveaways and articles that we have on the site.

We want to continue to support charities as much as we can on KiddyCharts as a Social Enterprise, and now YOU can as well; just by joining in and spreading the word.

Join #KiddyChartsAdvent today for a giveaway and day. Help KiddyCharts raise money for the Young Minds charity as a Social Enterprise; 80%+ of their profits go there every yearClick to Tweet

So WHAT are you waiting for – sign up and we will see you there!

Thanks as always for coming – don’t forget to check out the other giveaways we have on the site at the moment too.

>> Check out the giveaways on the KiddyCharts site NOW <<

Catch you later!

It is BACK. Our Christmas Advent giveaways are going to be coming back to the site in December, and you HAVE to be in it, to win it *again*!

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