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Celebrate the World Chelsea Bun Awards to win a fab £60 family hamper

The World Chelsea Bun Awards are back for 2023, and we’re looking for the best buns and the best artwork in the land to celebrate! This article has TWO WAYS for you to win within in, so keep reading to find out what you can win, and how to win them.

We have partnered with Partridges London to share their competition, and we are running another one alongside. That’s loads of Chelsea Bun fun for the family – so sit back and see what you can win…

A bake-off competition is being held at Partridges in London for the Partridges World Chelsea Bake-Off, which has been appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Source: Partridges London

What are the World Chelsea Bun Awards all about?

It easy to explain in video form – forgive the slightly blocky nature of this from the account, but it was difficult to record:

Put simply, you just need to do a Bake Off yourself for Chelsea Buns, and then share them on Instagram – and if you are in London, then you can bring the Chelsea buns into London on Saturday 20th May for a live tasting! While you are there, you could check out some of the amazing Chelsea goodies they have in Partridges London including, believe it or not, Chelsea Bun Gin!

Instagram competition

Simply post a photo of your Chelsea bun on Instagram, tag @world.chelsea.bun.awards) and use the hashtag #worldchelseabunawards. In addition, you can also send entries via email to This is particularly important if Instagram is private. Deadline for entries is 5pm on Wednesday the 17th May.

Winners will receive a Partridges Hamper full of loads of fabulous treats, a Partridges Certificate and a World Chelsea Bun Awards apron donated by Initially London.

The live tasting competition

If you’re in London, you can pop along with your Chelsea buns to Partridges in Chelsea. Alternatively, you can post them to Partridges, 2-5 Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London, SW3 4LY. Deadline to receive entries is 5pm on Friday 19th May.

On Saturday 20th May there will be a live tasting for all the entries. Full details for the judging is located on their site, with judges including Jane Asher, and Lady Sophie Windsor. The top three buns will be crowned winners and will receive a prize.

A giveaway is being held where the best Chelsea Bun baker will win a Partridges hamper.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Children (under 18): Bespoke Partridges Hamper filled with delicious treats;
  • Adults: Bespoke Partridges Hamper including Partridges Chelsea Bun Gin;
  • Professional Bakers: Bespoke Partridges Sharing Hamper including Partridges Champagne and Chelsea Bun Gin.

Winners will also receive a Partridges Certificate, a World Chelsea Bun Awards Winners’ Apron from Initially London. There will also be an overall winner who will become ‘Best Chelsea Bun Baker 2023’. The winners will be announced on the World Chelsea Bun Awards Instagram and on their website on Monday 22nd May 2023

Our colouring competition to celebrate – #kiddychartschelseabuns

A coloring competition is being held in 2023 by World Chelsea Bun Awards, with a chance to win a £60 Partridges hamper by sharing a kid's best coloring on Kiddycharts Chelsea Buns.

We’re running a colouring competition for kids of all ages to celebrate the awards. Here is how to enter:

  • Simply download the two images you can choose from (see below) and colour in, then submit through Gleam to us by 11.59pm Monday 5th June,
  • You can enter a total of FIVE times through this widget. That means you can either enter more than once, or enter for more than one child within your family. Either way, there are a total of five entries allowed only per email address within the widget, so each email has the same chance of winning (5 opportunities). We will not accept multiple entries from different emails from the same family / IP address,
  • You submit photos through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This is the ONLY way to enter this one, so we hope to see some lovely pictures from you all, and
  • You must have the hashtag #kiddychartschelseabuns within the pictures as otherwise we cannot pick up the entries. Images must also be public as well for us to see them,
  • We will pick a winner at random, and they will receive a Partridges London hamper with goodies suitable for children and families in it worth £60.

For full terms and conditions, see our giveaway page for further details.

To download the colouring sheets, click on the buttons below – and you can see them in the images below as well:

Children are enthusiastically coloring a recipe for delicious baked goods and dairy-filled snacks for the 2023 World Chelsea Bun Awards Colouring Competition.
A croissant sits atop a stack of other baked goods, surrounded by text announcing the World Chelsea Bun Awards Colouring Competition 2023.

Submit your entries through the Gleam widget here:

Win £60 hamper from Partridges to celebrate World Chelsea Bun awards

We KNOW this is a little more convoluted than the entries that we usually have on the site, but it is a lovely thing to do, and we’ve included half term, so you have a little more time to sort it out as well.

This is a couple of weeks beyond the World Chelsea Bun Awards competition, so that you can keep the excitement and cooking up! 😂

A collage of food.
Source: Partridges London

If you do have any questions, do let us know, or drop us a line on social media. And why not sign up to our newsletter for giveaways as well if you like competitions for children:

We really hope that we see you again.

Kiddy Charts is hosting a colouring competition with two giveaways to win amazing family hampers.

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