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On the 11th day of Christmas … eleven pipers piping

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Eleven pipers piping  … our colouring pages are starting to look quite busy now, and we are very nearly there.  In our penultimate 12 Days of Christmas colouring downloads, we have eleven pipers piping.  We are very nearly at the end of our tune, do you have the song running through your head yet?

There is plenty of scope for colour in this picture, I hope your little one has a variety of coloured crayons that he/she can use.

Talking of music, have any of your children taken part in any school nativities?  I love school nativities, they always make me cry, even more so when it is your own little one up there all dressed up and may have a speaking part of are singing the songs.  Any one need a tissue?



eleven pipers piping

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