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Ninja cat printables

We have a wonderful set of Ninja cat printables to share with you today an oh my are they fun!

Ninja cat printables for kids. #freeprintablesforkids #printableactivitiesforkids #printables


A recent study showed that mums and dads in UK spend nearly four times the amount of time engaging in screen time each day than they are reading with their children.

To help change that statistic, BookTrust alongside presenter Dermot O’Leary, Alex Jones, Mel Giedroyc and a host of other famous faces are calling on parents and carers across the country to take part in the charity’s National Time to Read challenge on 18-22 September to free up 10 minutes a day to share a story. You can get involved on social media with a #TimetoRead.

Ninja Cat Printables

Who wouldn’t love to have some fun with a Ninja cat? Ninja’s are amazing and cats are extremely cool so this combination is a sure win with the kids.

Ninja Cat Maze Printable

Who doesn’t love a good maze! Help Toto the Ninja cat find his way out of this one.

Ninja Cat Shadow Matching Printable

Look at the characters and the shadows. Can you match them up? Toto’s shadow is already done for you, good luck!

Ninja Cat Spot The Difference Printable

There are 5 differences between the pictures. Can you fin them all? Some are quite tricky, it took as quite a while to spot them all.

Ninja Cat Wordsearch Printable

Word searches are fun for all ages! Can you find all the words in Toto’s wordsearch? Oh we already see cheese! Can you find it?


A new survay relesed by the UK’s  BookTrust

When is your time to read?

Wonder when Dermot O’Leary’s Time to Read is?

When is your Time to Read?

Supporting this wonderful campaign, TV personality Dermot O’Leary said ‘’Those moments when my niece and I share a book, letting our imaginations run wild, are pure bliss. Although it can be a struggle to find those magical moments, it is mega important that we all find the time to read with the children in our lives, helping them unlock the joys of reading. I totally support BookTrust’s National Time to Read challenge and will be swapping social media for storytime.’’

More about National Read Challenge

The poll studied 2,000 parents of 4-11 year olds and has revealed that half of parents confess to either frequently skip pages when reading with their kids, finishing reading the story before the end or refusing to read a second story to their kids. What is the main cause for it? Of those who admit to skipping pages, half (49%) did so because they were too tired.

Dermot O'Leary on what he's giving up for the National Time to Read Challenge

BookTrust’s annual Time to Read campaign runs from 18-22 Sept.

Time to Read puts forward the value of shared reading, the importance of kids’s reading for pleasure, and the impact of both on children’s life chances.

BookTrust CEO Diana Gerald has stated: “Regular reading helps imaginations to grow in the most fun and exciting way. Our survey shows reveals 43% of children enjoy comics and magazines, proving that it’s not just books that get them turning pages, you really can read anything, anytime, anywhere. We hope families across the country will join us in finding ten minutes to read together – it really is all it takes to make a difference.’’

Ninja cat free printables for kids.

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