Cute bunny colouring page from the World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book

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Today we have a nice treat for you. We have the most adorable bunny coloring page from the World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book for you to download and print for free! You probably haven’t seen cuter bunnies anywhere else; they really are a delight to colour.

Free printable cute bunny colouring page

Bunny Colouring Page

You can grab your own adorable bunny colouring page by clicking the image below!

You get a coloured one on the left so you can get some inspiration. There is a black and white version on the right to do your own amazing design. Go on, let your imgination run wild!


Create a beautiful work of art withh
The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book by Lonely Planet Kids

The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book

With the cutest colouring book on the planet, you can create your own gorgeous masterpieces!

Each seriously adorable animal is featured in a full colour image on the left, and black and white version for you to colour on the right side. There are so many fabulous choices of animals, you will have a hard time choosing  what to colour first.

You have a choice to recreate the colours on the left, or you can create your own beautiful colour combinations.

You have 22 cute animals to chose from, with gorgeous illustrations by Lulu Mayo – creator of Million Cats and Million Dogs.

This awesome book also includes a world map, showing you where in the world each animal can be found, as well as fun facts about each of them.

The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book features pandas, foxes, rabbits, badgers, frogs, alpacas, koalas, squirrel monkeys and more.

Sample Page Spreads:

Sample Page from the Book

The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book
January 2017 | £6.99 | 1st Edition
270mm x 230mm | 52 pages
Paperback | ISBN: 9781786574077

Adorbale bunny colouring page

Reproduced with permission from The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book, © 2017 Lonely Planet Kids

You should also check and follow our lovely Pinterest free printables board. We have quite a lot of awesome free coloring pages for adults and kids and also worksheets to keep the kids busy and entertained for hours and hours.

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