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KiddyCharts supporting WorldVision: IF we change..everyone can eat

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WorldVision IF Campaign: Enough Food IF.....

Where is Ethiopia: WordVision IF Campaign

Do you know where Ethiopia actually is? I wasn’t sure I did….

Last year, the KiddyCharts blog supported WorldVision in their ShareNiger campaign, alongside a number of other rather spiffing bloggers, including Patch of Puddles.

This years we are continuing that support, as Single Slummy Mummy prepares to don her cape, and fly off to Ethiopia as part of the WorldVision IF campaign.

KiddyCharts will have the pleasure of sharing content on the challenges that mothers within this county have to face every day.

To put this into context, all mothers have challenges. Mine a pretty limited though, compared to someone that is struggling with children in the environment that a mum in Ethiopia has to deal with. For example, this morning I got annoyed with my kids, yet again…

That was just because they wouldn’t do their teeth fast enough for me not to be able to, yet again…..

…..have to tear through the traffic in my car like a lunatic to get to the school, and be the last, yet again….

…………at dropping my kids off.

Compared to a mum in Ethiopia; I basically haven’t a clue.

Everything we take for granted; transport, food, clothes, medicine, they have to fight and struggle for.

IF you don’t know what this campaign is all about, take a moment to look at this from WorldVision. The campaign is focused on helping to put an end to world hunger by tackling the four big “IFs.”

Governments joining together to change four key things, just four…and everyone in the world will have enough food…IF….

Enough food for everyone IF

Myself, WorldVision and Jo would be grateful if you could keep an eye out for coverage of her trip, share our posts on Twitter, Facebook and wherever you hang out, follow the KiddyCharts blog and Single Slummy Mummy blog so you can spread the word.

Jo will be hanging out on Twitter a lot, and so will I. We will be using the hashtag #foodfrontline to give more details on the campaign, so follow Single Slummy MummyKiddyCharts, or the hashtag and do help share our news if you can.

Every little helps mothers in Ethiopia’s struggle to survive and be the mothers they strive to be just that little bit easier.

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