MAD Blog Awards: MAD Dress Sense

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I am on the larger size.

Two kids, gynaecological disasters, too much cake and the occasional beer have not been kind to the figure.

However, I am happy with my lot. I am learning to live with it, and to dress to fit it. Yes, I still moan about not being thin enough, but I don’t have the energy or the inclination to change it. I would rather do other stuff to be honest. I have written about my quest for world business domination and exercise before…

Despite my confidence (ahem) in being a size 16; I am still a bit scared about what to wear for the MAD Blog Awards though…and I don’t know why. Everyone is lovely that’s going I am sure. And I can’t imagine anyone is going to turn around and tell me to stop nicking stuff from the cake shelf in my kitchen…but there you have it. I have butterfiles. And have had too much cake. If it’s not in the house and all that jazz…

I am lucky enough to have a lovely black silky number from Little Black Dress, which thanks to a PR lady with some good advice, will hopefully cover up my child and cake related sins. I have now to get the shoes and jacket. You can see it looks gorgeous on that leggy model below. However, my legs are more surf white than surf sexy…but opaque tights will, I am sure, sort me out *crossesfingers*

MAD Blog Awards Dress Crisis
MAD Blog Awards Dress Crisis

I think a stole / jacket and a wedgy-heeled number will complete the outfit. I am agonising over the thing to cover my arms whatever it may be, of course.

And I do have the shoes – but can I walk in them for a whole night? Probably not. And who will pick me up when I fall over? I am relying on one of you, Cambridge Mummy, Bizzy Mum, and anyone else that takes pitty on a tottery blogger..

So who knows if it’ll all work. Who cares but me? Unless I get photographed by the Paparazzi changing into it with a telephoto lense? But why would they be looking at me….

And if it doesn’t all work, then at least I will have had wine, a bit of a giggle and a night with the girls that doesn’t involve someone jumping on my head and waking me up at 6am…though I am sure one of the finalists would oblige if I asked nicely….

So how are you doing with the quest for MAD perfection? Hope you are having fun while searching?

Don’t worry everyone, it’ll all be fine; honest.

I am adding this post to Cambridge Mummy’s linky over on her blog. So come on everyone – check us all out and join in the fretting!

I was provided with this dress for the night of the awards. However, all the opinions are own, and expressed in my inimitable style…honest. Thanks to Sally Whittle, Tots100 and Mad Blog Awards for sorting all this out as well. Rather chuffed.


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