Even old birds get nervous #BritmumsLive2014

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Britmums Live 2014

I wasn’t going to write one of these Britmums Live 2014 posts.

Mainly because I am just not organised enough to have included it in the logistics for me going away for the weekend. A blog post is about me – and usually I spend ages thinking about everything but me until getting on the train to go.

However, I wanted to write this to reassure people that are perhaps new at the conference game…

We all get nervous. Nervous is fine. Nervous is good. It means you are excited at going; at meeting new people and learning new things.

The butterflies are there to help; to calm those nerves and rescue us from those moments of fear. Older Single Mum is head butterfly and the loveliest blogger you could meet. She has rescued me many a time.

You would have thought I wouldn’t be nervous, right? Perhaps you think that because I am speaking there (Agenda here) at 14.10pm on Saturday about monitising this blog that I know what I am doing?

Wrong. I am nervous as hell. I am terrified of being boring. Terrified of not recognising someone that recognises me. I’m looking at you Little Lilypad ;-). Scared that I will upset someone as I don’t know their blog. Apprehensive that my last minute shopping will mean I end up looking like a bedraggled Upsy Daisy and not the glamorous Jane Seymour I had in mind. I last spoke to this many people over 8 years ago and I wasn’t a mum. Can I even remember how to do it? Will anyone want to listen?

I know I shall be OK. But that doesn’t stop all these nerves. They won’t go until I am tucked in bed on Saturday night.

Why am I sharing this with you all?

Just to prove that whomever you talk to, whatever you think; they are nervous too.

Hopefully this’ll make you feel a bit better.

Have fun tomorrow, I intend to and come say Hi. If I look blank put me out of misery and tell me your name. I swear it’s not personal. I am just rubbish, and so nervous I can’t remember my own name nevermind anyone else’s ;-)

Photo credit: Grant Cochrane / freedigitalphotos.net

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