40 years young…

40th Birthday Card

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It is my 40th birthday today – and it feels absolutely fine, no weirdness at being this old, just another day with the kids, and Brad.

I have already been spoilt, but nothing prepared me for the card my wonderful daughter made for me….most definitely worth turning 40 for…

40th birthday card

So we have a Moshi Monster cover because secretly she knows that I like them almost as much as she does ;-). There are some really ones at the top, and some of her own creations a bit further down, apart from Cherry Bomb of course….

40th Birthday Card

And then we have the beautifully thought out entry in neat little seven year old handwriting – and in case you need a bit of help here:

To Mummy *Heart* *Heart* *Heart* etc…

you have not woken up with grey heair and a beard have you! I will always love you no w matter what. I hope you enjoy your birthday and the poem I made up for you.

Ew Ewen w When where old

2 old we forget stuf more.

3. But don’t worry I will

4 help you to remember.

5 Ery Evr Evry second

6 who were older so don’t

7 worry about being

8 forty mummy.

Lots of love from


Happy Fortyith Birthday

Which is just the best card and poem EVER!

And to finish it all off, another made-up Moshi on the back – a birthday cake this time :-D

Who could want a better start to their 40th birthday than a card like that, eh?

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