Six today: Hanging on to their trouser hem….

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My little bean is getting bigger….

Today my little boy is six.


I can’t really believe it, so much has happened to him in his short life. He is packing as much in to those six years as we and he can manage.

And as long as it involves bouncing, he seems to be happy with it.

His sister is eight in October too.

I keep asking them to stop growing, but neither of them is listening. I even try and kid myself they aren’t growing by waiting to buy the next age up clothes on him, just to cling on to their formative years. It always means his school trousers end up making him look like he is wearing prep school shorts…

And his sister – well she has a habit of wearing leggings with her skirts…mainly because otherwise we would have rather a lot of Mary Quant moments…

Thankfully, he doesn’t appear too bothered by the foot gap between the shoes and the trousers yet, but I am sure he will be telling me off for this pretty soon. As well as for kissing him at the classroom door. For now, he wants his kisses before he goes in…but soon…

Now I am unable to have more children, I know I cannot hope to have the joy and chaos of a newborn again. Though, given my utter terror at their arrival, I am not sure that’s a bad thing…

I gave up work so as I could watch him and his sister grow up, and that’s just what they are doing all too fast. I hope we are helping them to do it well, and that he’ll become a kind, considerate teenager (erm…) and then a loving young man.

But for now, I am clinging on to the bottom of those trousers to try desperately to stop him getting too big, because then, well…who will bounce on our trampoline with him gone?

What are you clinging on to to stop them all growing up? I am probably the only one doing the trouser thing right?…

Stuntboy through the years
My gorgeous boy through the years; at birth then every year since from 1-6 when we went for much fun on a ski slope!


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