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Parenting: Please stop your growing up -RIGHT NOW!

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Kids seem to want to grow up too soon - getting excited about going in the bog boy playground

Stuntboy getting rather excited....

My little stuntboy is five in a month…

Will you PLEASE just stop growing up?

I remember him being tiny and it seemed like only yesterday.

Now he is just huge…

And the scarey thing is, he wants to be even older, and even more enormous.

So this is just a plea to my son, and my daughter….

Give over already, and STOP….

I’m doing my best to see as much of you as I can.

But every day you seem to do something that’s oh so grown up, and I know that you aren’t that bootied baby anymore, and you won’t be that snotty school child much longer.

Look out – Stuntboy’s about!

It was something that happened a couple of weeks ago that got me thinking about how time is just passing oh so quick….

Stuntboy went into the big boy playground for the first time at school – he had the biggest, widest grin on his face. I had the smallest, weeniest tear in my eye.

It was only the opening of a playground gate to him, but to me it was so much more; it was the next stage in him needing me just that little bit less. And I don’t want that to happen too soon.

It hurt a bit to see the grin on his face; he was so desperate to do what his big sister has been doing for a year and play with all those big kids.

Admittedly, I would probably be a little bit more subdued, but I am pretty sure that those big kids haven’t a clue what hit them.

We don’t call him Stuntboy for nothing you know.

Are your kids growing up too fast too?  What has made you think this recently?  Join in with me using #growinguptoofast on Twitter using @Kiddycharts – or post a comment below.


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