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Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring: Game On!

These Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring are super fun for all Paw Patrol fans and fans soon to be :).

There are six gorgeous Paw patrol colouring sheets to colour in.

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring

You can download Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring one by one by clicking on the black and white images below.

You can even download them all together by clicking on the square image at the end of the post.

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number One

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number Two

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number Tree

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number Four

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number Five

Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Number Six

In Search for more Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring Pages? 

Here are couple more I’m sure your little ones will love.




Available on DVD from 22nd May 2016

Favorite rescue pups are back in action in seven wonderful sports themed rescues and adventures. There is no denying that the Pups know hot to have fun and be brave!

PAW Patrol: Game On! includes the following episodes:

  • Pups Save a Basketball Game – Mayor Goodway needs a basketball team, so she calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol for help. The pups become the Adventure Bay All-Stars and they’ll need everyone, including a reluctant Marshall, to pitch in and help win one for Adventure Bay.
  • Pup-Fu! –The PAW Patrol and the mischievous kittens from Mayor Humdinger’s Kit-tastrophe Crew are both competing for their martial arts belts when they come across an ancient scroll that holds all the secrets. Mayor Humdinger steals the scroll and the PAW Patrol is called upon to find and return it back to Sensei Yumi.
  • Pups Save the Mayor’s Race – It’s the annual Mayor’s Race and Mayor Goodway is determined to beat the cheating and devious Mayor Humdinger. Mayoral contestants need to row a boat, swim and run a foot race to the finish line. The pups need to help Mayor Goodway train for the race and clean up Mayor Humdingers’ disasters.
  • Pups Save a Snowboard Competition – Jake and Everest are excited for the big Snowboard Competition, until they look outside and see the course is completely buried under a blanket of snow.  The rescue pups help clear the course and rescue the Kit-tastrophe crew kittens who veer off-course and fall off a cliff. Everest uses her grappling hook to lower Ryder down the edge of the cliff and her snowboard jet pulls them back up to safety.
  • Pups Save the Soccer Game – When Mayor Humdinger challenges the Adventure Bay team to a soccer match, Ryder and the PAW Patrol are called in to play. The PAW Patrol players start strong but a series of mysterious mishaps jeopardize their team’s victory. The pups must work as a team to overcome some dirty tricks by Mayor Humdinger and pull out a win.
  • Pups Great Race – It’s Adventure Bay Race Day and the Pups are about to race each other all across the town to see who is the fastest pup. One other competitor unexpectedly shows up though, Alex in his super trike!
  • Pups Save a Tightrope Walker – Turbot is bravely walking a tightrope, but seagulls threaten to ruin his act! It’s time to call the PAW Patrol.
Free Printable Paw Patrol Activity Sheets and Colouring

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