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Holiday Essentials: Tyreweld – The Spare Wheel in a Can

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This is a sponsored post from Holts Auto.

More than a quarter of UK motorists suffer a puncture each year and changing a wheel beside a busy road is both dangerous and time consuming. Suffering a puncture on a busy motorway or a deserted country lane is a hassle that we’d all rather do without, but it can be a complete nightmare if you’ve a car full of children in the middle of a heatwave (or, more likely, the pouring rain!).

Huddled with your family on the grass verge while cars and trucks thunder past at seventy miles an hour, you’ll long to be back in the car with the familiar call of ‘Are we there yet?’ ringing out from the back seats.

In these situations, motorists are left with a couple of choices.  Do you ring for roadside assistance and while away the 40-odd long minutes, playing ‘Spot the accident waiting to happen’ with your nearest and dearest?  You could have a go at changing the tyre yourself, of course, but few of us really want to be crouched by the roadside while lorries’ wheels roar past inches from our head.

There is another option.  Holts Tyreweld is an emergency puncture repair that gets motorists back on the road in minutes.  It is safe, quick, and easy to use.  It’s essentially a spare wheel in a can.  A mix of foam and gas, Tyreweld seals the puncture and inflates the tyre automatically.  A clever and unique valve means that once you’ve attached the can to the tyre’s valve you can stand well back from the road at a safe distance from the car while Tyreweld works its magic.

At a cost of around £12, Tyreweld is an essential for every car boot. Don’t let a puncture ruin your holiday, keep a can of Holts Tyreweld in the car and save yourself some time-consuming hassle.  Available at Halfords, garage forecourts and specialist car accessory retailers throughout the UK. For more information visit  or find them on Twitter @HoltsAuto.


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