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#Advent Calendar #21: #Win Octonauts Creature Report (6 available)

Octonautrs Creature Report: Header

We have something in the advent calendar today for all those little Octonaut fans out there…

We are giving your little ones the opportunity to dive into the undersea world of the Octonauts. They have a new book on the shelves, the Creature Report, which offers information on some of the wonderful creatures the guys are meeting on their adventure.

Every time we watch Octonauts on CBeebies, we can see all our favourites, from Captain Barnacles to Kwazii, Peso and the team helping a different sea creature or marine lifeform.

The Octonauts Creature Report book gives detail on 50 of the wonderful sea creatures and animals that the gang meet on their travels, including information such as:

  • What ocean zone they live in
  • What they eat
  • What strange and interesting fact there are about them, in “strange but True.”

Who knew that humpback whales can sing for up to 24 hours?  Or indeed that cuttle fish are able to change their own colours but are, in fact, colour blind? Does make you wonder what the point is then….but I am sure that its the waves of colour that they are communicating with *takes off science boffin head*

Who wants a sticker?

We know that kids LOVE stickers, so this book comes with over 300 stickers to keep the kids entertained, so don’t blame me if you are peeling the Orcas off the kettle if you win…

So sign up to our daily alerts for the advent calendar so you don’t miss out on our wonderful opportunities.
And then dive in and fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. Last one there is a Guppy *or something like that*

This giveaway ends at 10.30pm on Saturday 28th December. For terms and conditions of the giveaway, please visit our standard giveaway T&C pages. Clearly, this gift won’t arrive for Christmas, but perhaps will solve some post Christmas blues :-D

If you miss out, why not buy the book on Amazon?

Finally, we have some lovely colouring pages for you again, this time it is a rather festive bell with a little Christmas bow – cute, eh?

Bell with a Bow - Printable Christmas Coloring Pages
Download our Bell with a Bow coloring pages

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kirsty l

Saturday 28th of December 2013

mine prefer peso the best because hes cute!


Thursday 26th of December 2013

Shellington - as he is the most scientific

Ursula Hunt

Wednesday 25th of December 2013

Peso because he is the penguin and we love penguins in our house


Wednesday 25th of December 2013

Peso, for being the caring one.

Emma Rippin

Tuesday 24th of December 2013

Octonauts is my favourite childrens' tv programme of modern times- my son is 6 and still adores it- we often make up our own adventures and I love doing all the voices - not often you find something so fun yet educational, cute but never mawkish- Vive les Octonauts!

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