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Wall art: Simple cat craft for kids

We have been playing with some of the supplies on the Docrafts site this month to create some rather wonderful alphabet wall art for our kids rooms. We have chosen to make a little cat craft for you all.

This is a really simple project, and perfect for their walls, but it also works brilliantly as a little special gift for your pets, if you should have any. We have used the gorgeous picture we created in the cat’s area in our lounge; just so they know where to get their food. :-D

This is a really simple cat craft for kids - and a perfect piece of wall art to put in their room or for a gift - whatever works best for you. My kids have put it in the pets place, to remind them where they need to eat!


  • Papermania wooden letters,
  • Papermania Tales from Wilson Wood paper,
  • Large colourful pipe cleaners,
  • Coloured paper,
  • Coloured foam sheets,
  • Stickers for decoration,
  • Coloured buttons,
  • Pompoms,
  • Googly eyes,
  • Black card,
  • Picture frame (A4), and
  • Shiny card; we choose gold card, but you could pick anything that contrasts well with the black, and
  • Cat silhouette picture.


1. To start with decide what animals/things you are going to make with your four letters, C, A, T and S, then decorate them one at a time; we used the following, but it really is up to you and the kids. The Papermania paper might be a great way to cover them too; but its really up to you what you use, and how. As well as the kids of course….

2. C is for cat, made from brown foam, pipe cleaners, and orange foam for the nose and black triangles for the ears.

3. A is for alligator, which we made using a green pipe cleaners, coloured foam (for the teeth), and some googly eyes.

Making oour alligator for the cat craft - this is my boy cutting the teeth out of white foam....

4. T is for tree, and an apple tree in fact – which looks rather cute with its brown pipe cleaner trunk, red pompom apples, and green pipe cleaner canopy.

5. S is for snake, which we decorated with a red pipe cleaner for its tongue, a bit of green card for its squiggly body, and finally some buttons for decoration too.

Here is the S in mid make in our easy cat craft for kids - just got to add the buttons now!

6. After you have all your letters, cut your cat shape from the shiny card using your template.

7. Stick the letters on to your template using either glue, or foam pads, whichever is easier for you.

8. Place the cat in the middle of your darker, back card for a strong contrast, and fix it down. We used foam pads here because raising it slightlyoff the background creates a nice effect.

using foam pads to stick on your cat creates a nice effect on the card.

9. Place the picture within a frame, and pop it up on the wall.

Done. Your easy cat craft wall art for the kids.

We have been very busy this weekend thanks to @docraftsteam and our love for our cats. More details on the blog soon.

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This is so simple to do, and can really be adapted for anything – room signs, Fathers day and Mothers day gifts if you make I love you, or similar. It is wonderfully versatile, so get making!

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See you again soon.

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