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Indoor rainy day summer activities #31daysofactivities

We know that even the Great British Summer can be unpredictable when it comes to weather. Which is why we are glad to bring you a post by Natalie from the site Meme and Harri. She brings us a post for our #31daysofactivities with some fun indoor rainy day summer activities to make sure that the kids are always having a good time.

Us British folk look forward to Summer so much. Long days of sunshine, picnics and trips to the beach sounds perfect especially during the 6 weeks holidays. We look forward to the end of school ready to have some quality time together. However some days the weather just doesn’t play ball. With 3 kids at home with me we can’t afford to pay to go to soft play or trampoline parks all Summer. So every year we make a list of rainy day Summer activities that can keep everyone busy and happy whilst stuck indoors.

Our list of rainy day summer activities:

Pitch a tent in the garden

My children love to do this. Sitting out in the garden in the rain feels like such an adventure. They pretend that the are camping. They grab all of their favourite teddies and create a real den to play in. For snacks I put chips in a cone and we pretend to make a fire to toast marshmallows. It is a great way to watch them using their imaginations. You are getting out of the house without actually going anywhere.

Paint some shells or pebbles

Whenever we visit beach we always make sure we collect pretty shells and nice smooth pebbles. We always have quite the collection stored up. Then when we have a rainy day we get these out along with some paints, colours and sparkles anything you can find really in your craft supplies. We then always have fun decorating them. It seems a little more fun than just painting on a piece of paper. Once they have dried we then (if my children will part with their creations) go and hide them in local parks or footpaths for other children to find. It is like leaving a little bit of treasure out for someone to discover. It is also a great way for toddlers to practice their colours.

At home cinema

Now you may think there is nothing special about putting a film on. However it is easy to make watching a movie together a little different. We spend time making entrance tickets to our cinema. My children are tasked with making huge poster advertising the film to hang on the door of our lounge. We then put together some treats, popcorn, jellies all on a tray ready for the interval. We close the curtains, turn the lights off and have the volume nice and loud. We make it more into an occasion. Once the film the finished I then ask my older children to write a review of it. Which to my surprise they really enjoy doing. Something really simple but we make it a little fun.

Play the bake off

This is seriously one of my Children’s favourite games. We play it often in the back garden with sand from the sand pit. We also have a found a way to play it inside when the weather is too wet – we get the play-doh out. I play the part of Paul Hollywood and set the children a challenge and they make it with play-doh. The challenge can be anything. Make me a cake that represents you favourite country. Create something that represents your favourite hobby. The list is endless. I then rate their creations. It is honestly amazing watching what they come up with. This game lasts for hours! I aslo can potter around the kitchen geting stuff done whilst they are busy playing, just popping back now and again to ask Paul Hollywood like questions.

Get baking

When I say baking I mean just having some fun in the kitchen. I sometimes find baking with children a little stressful so now rather than actually making cakes or biscuits we decorate them instead. We get digestives or rich tea biscuits, decorate with icing and sprinkles and create pictures on them. I find this so much easier than making cakes. We also make bark which is super simple and delicious and also rice crispy cakes which is always a winner and doesn’t involve and cooking. I have very impatient children but making these treats keep them busy without the moaning.

Get outdoors!

Grown ups hate the rain but children don’t. In fact my little boy loves it. Dancing in the rain and stomping in the puddles. Sometimes you just have to grab your raincoat and wellies and embrace the weather. We often find ourselves playing in a wet park. Then once you have been out you can happily come home, drink hot chocolate and put on a family film. This is one of our favourite things to do on rainy days.
I think us parents put ourselves under a lot of pressure to have this amazing perfect Summer full of adventures. However I know my children appreciate the days when we just have fun indoors together. They really love me sitting and playing with them and when it rains it is the perfect excuse to do this.
I would love to know if you have any rainy day activities to add to our list?

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My name is Natalie and I write at family lifestyle blog I have 3 children ages 5,8 and 11 and love documenting our milestones, holidays and day to day life. You can also follow our adventures on Instagram.

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