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How much LEGO would it take to build the Death Star?

Have you ever thought about living in a world where everything was built out of LEGO blocks? How many blocks would be needed to build your dream house? While we can’t answer that question as we really do not know what your dream house looks like, we can give you an idea on how many blocks you would need to build some of the most amazing sc-fi mega structures ever constructed! So if you ever wondered just how much LEGO would it take to build the Death Star you can now get your answer.

Learn How Much Lego Would It Take To Build The Death Star

How much LEGO would it take to build the Death Star and other Mega Structures?

From as little as 1 LEGO block to 435 trillion LEGO blocks (yes, you read that number right), you could build up some of the most iconic structures from the SCI-FI world in real life sizes, true some might take you a few life times to complete. Death Star, AT-AT, The Star Ship Enterprise being just a few on the list.

So in case you ever do plan on making some of these amazing mega and mini structures by yourself, or just to satisfy your curiosity, we have the numbers for you.

How Many Lego Would It Take To Build Sci-Fi Megastructures
Original article on brick building sci-fi megastructures Created By: Ebates

So now you know just how much of those lovely little bricks it would take to build the death star, along with some other structures that are out of this world. While we are sure you will not be making all of them, at least not in real life size, some certainly seem like fun projects to make by yourself or with your little ones. What do you think? We certainly would not mind building a LEGO hoverboard or making a 12th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver to play around with, although The Tardis would look even more amazing although it probably would take quite a while to complete.

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Urusan Dunia

Monday 25th of April 2016

its remind me of my childhood, i always playing lego with my father


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Fascinating, thank you for sharing! We have a few of the Lego Star Wars models and they seem to use up enough pieces, so I'm actually surprised that the full size models wouldn't use more bricks!

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