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10 top tips for keeping sane sorting out Halloween for kids

Are you not sure what to do with the kids this halloween? We have some ideas to keep you and the kids sane and safe....

Managing Halloween for kids can can throw up some dilemmas for many parents – what can I get the kids to wear that won’t terrify their younger sister? Should I let them go treat or treating? What can we give out to those that bother us? Should we hide behind the sofa until its all over?

Personally, I have never let my kids go trick or treating.

Every year we get the same, and they do give me a hard time about it. Why?

Quite simply, the peer pressure is really high, friends do ask them out, particularly the elder ones, but a week later they have forgotten all about it. It’s a completely personal thing and often we do other things; they have been to light parties organised by a local church or we have had a bonfire.

Here are my top tips for coping with the dilemma’s that Halloween can chuck at us, sometimes when we are least expecting it:

  1. Go with the gut: Go with your gut feeling – if you don’t want to let your kids go trick or treating, don’t, they’ll forgive you in a bit, just like mine do
  2. Time it: If you do decide to go, give yourself a time limit stick to it, don’t give in to the just five more minutes plea
  3. Party at home: If you don’t want to go out on the street, have a party at home – running around in a dark garden can be lots of fun, particularly if get some torches and glow sticks so that you can ad an extra dimension to the dark chaos!
  4. Stick to the garden: If your children are easily frightened, it might be best to stick to the less gory side of Halloween; dress up the pets and get creative, we have some great ideas to help out on the blog
  5. Plan with friends: If you have decided to go out, then go to the houses of people that you know, get together perhaps with a few friends from the local area and organise it all together
  6. Pick the marked houses: Watch for the sign outside the houses, it is common for those houses that are willing to participate have some sort of decoration outside like a pumpkin – only visit those houses, as you know the occupiers will be much more willing participants, BUT do be aware that they may have got into the spirit rather well, so be prepared for a few frights!
  7. Go with your kids: Always accompany your children, unless they are much older and in a safe group. If you don’t go with them, make sure you know which houses they are going to, and give them a time to come back
  8. Leave some for later: If you are worried about the sugar intake,  allow some sweets afterwards then put the rest away for another time
  9. Jokes on you: Allow your children to tell jokes or riddles as the tricks, best not to take the eggs around, this doesn’t go down too well. For example, I had a friend who wasn’t even in, but still had eggs thrown at her door/li>
  10. Know you kid and yourself: Remember you know your children best, and that you are also the adult and lead by example – don’t get too carried away yourself that your kids end up being embarrassed by your antics!

Whatever you are doing in a few days time though – we hope that you have lots and lots of fun!

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Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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