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Now you have done this, just a very quick THANKS to you for signing up to receive our time to pee newsletter,. including activities, ideas and inspiration, as well as the odd giveaway, for parents and schools.

We will give you a couple of articles in a week that will either give YOU five minutes to yourself if you have a little one, to help you be a better parent or teacher.

Articles might be something fun for the kids, like some coloring, or something a little bit more educational. We’ll give tips, and tricks, and sometimes free printables to help you stay organised. From time to time, there might be a fun giveaway as well.

We’ve got loads of activities on the site too, and we love giving you free resources, so this is just our way of saying…

We see you. We know how hard it is. We’ve got you.

It isn’t easy, and we are all in it together. You are all amazing; whatever you are doing.

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