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Are you looking for ideas and tips to make your way around the continent with your kids? We have some great ideas and posts for you to get some inspiration when you travel Europe.

Kids are always eager to do do a lot of things and like to go from activity to activity. But if you choose the right activities your kids will be so chuffed that they will be able to focus and enjoy these family friendly locations.

Continental Europe is a lovely place and there is so much to learn from. There are many countries to choose from when you are looking for inspiration for your travels, Take a look at what we have on the site and get inspired for your travels.

Why visit Europe?

There is a lot of history that has taken place in the not so recent past as well as in the distant past. Both great and infamous things have taken place.

For example, we can thank the Romans for much of what we experience in our lives. The Romans have helped shape democracy, have given us the plumbing and sanitation, and they gave us the roads too! And if you take your kids on a visit to Rome, you can discover more of what history has given us first hand.

Sure, there are many other places that the kids can visit and it’s great to be able to take them to the places that have had such a vast influence on modern day society.

Europe isn’t all about history, there’s also a lot of fun beaches, amusement parks, and so much more.

Sift through our site for more inspiration on where to and how to travel Europe with your kids.