Adorbale bunny colouring page
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Cute bunny colouring page from the World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book

Today we have a nice treat for you. We have the most adorable bunny coloring page from the World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book for you to download and print for free! You probably haven’t seen cuter bunnies anywhere else; they really are a delight to colour. Bunny Colouring Page You can grab your own adorable […]

by Helen • February 17, 2017
Easter Cake Delicious Recipe
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Easy Easter cake

Out of idea what to do for Easter? We have an yummy Easter recipe for you. These Easter cupcakes are so easy to do a child could do it… well almost :). Yum Easy Easter cake Yield: 12 Cupcakes Ingredients For Cupcakes 125g self-raising flour 125g caster sugar 125g soft unsalted butter 2 large eggs […]

by Helen • March 26, 2016
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free Easter cards and party printables

We have a real treat for you today. These free Easter cards and party printables are absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for throwing a party for your kids, friends, and family, or even having everyone meet up together and celebrate. Easter is one of our favourite family holidays, and kids are always looking forward too […]

by Helen • March 23, 2016
Easter coloring pages
Free Coloring Pages for Kids Free printable activities & reward charts

Easter egg coloring pages

You probably noticed by now that we are fans of free printables here, especially beautiful colouring pages for little ones, and as Easter is just a couple of days away, we have some Easter egg colouring pages for you and your kids to have fun with. If you are looking for more fun Easter themed […]

by Helen • March 21, 2016
Today we have some gorgeous Easter Egg hunt printables for you to download; Easter basket, Easter signs that you can also turn into an Easter mobile as well, with a bit of string and a lollypop stick! Everything you need to make that perfect Easter Egg hunt for your kids, and family.
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Easter egg hunt printables for fab chocolate fun

We have an absolute treat for you today, some wonderful Easter Egg Hunt printables so that you can really make your kids have a fun day searching for their eggs in the garden, or in the house. We have Easter signs, Easter egg holders, Easter baskets, and the signs can even be made into a […]

by Helen • March 4, 2016
50 Easter Printables
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50 Easter printables to crack you up

Are you exited about Easter? We are! There are so meany fun things to do with the kids. We bring you 50 Easter printables  to keep kids busy or you could join the fun too. 1 Grab this Easter Bunny and eggs reword chart from KiddyCharts 2. Three Easter Colouring Pages from KiddyCharts 3. Print these lovely Easter Color By […]

by Helen • March 4, 2016
Chocolate Easter Cake
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Chocolate Easter cake

Planning Easter desserts already? We’ve got just a thing for you, this Chocolate Easter cake will have everybody asking for another piece. Not only is it super delicious, it also looks pretty great too. Yum Chocolate Easter cake Ingredients 375grams butter, softened 375grams caster sugar 6 large eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract 375grams self-raising flour […]

by Helen • February 23, 2016
Anotehr simple craft - this time an east basket for the kids - something they can make and then use to collect all those chocolate eggs you have hidden around the house!
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Easy tulip (or cracked egg) Easter basket craft for kids

This is a really simple Easter basket craft that also allows your kids to have fun decorating, while giving a basic shape to play with. Materials Paper bag; we have a plain one, but you can just as easily use patterned ones as well for a more decorative effect Scissors Marker pen Foam shapes; Easter […]

by Helen • March 27, 2015
Looking for an easy Easter craft to do with the kids? Why not try this one - its simple, and my son came up with the idea!
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Easter craft for kids: Decorated hatching chick

This is our second Easter craft for kids from our Bostik box, as sent by Craft Merrily. This one was created, with a little guidance, by Stuntboy. It is his original idea to do a hatching chick though. Materials Polystyrene egg Bostik glue dots Bostik glue pen Small yellow pompom Two googly eyes Orange foam star […]

by Helen • March 23, 2015
We have some lovely freebies fo the kids today, and for Easter - these gorgeous printables from Tiny Me to help you organise your Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.
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Free Easter hunt printables

We love a good printable on KiddyCharts *obvs.* Easter is approaching, as you can tell from the easy Easter card craft we shared on the blog for you all yesterday. We also have some wonderful reward charts with an Easter theme too, if you fancy taking a look. Today though, we are delighted to have some wonderful printables from […]

by Helen • March 20, 2015