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Kite Valentines card

The children and I are really into our papercraft at the moment, we love combing a few embellishments, with some simple ideas to create stunning effects for cards, and anything else for that matter. For National Kite Day, and for Valentines Day, we thought we would create a Valentines Card for older children, or even one that you might be able to give to your partner with a little help from the kids.

The best thing about this card is that it meant I could get out my Sizzix Big Shot machine, which I absolutely love, and can’t recommend enough for adding some truly gorgeous touches to your cards. It is safe for the kids to use with supervision too. My kids have been since they were around six or seven years old.

Before we show you how to do this, you can adapt the basic design, and sentiment however you like to fit in with the materials that you have, and the ideas that your child has too. My daughter wanted to use a heart motif, an iron on one, which she had seen when we were shopping in John Lewis. But, you acn just an easily make a heart shaped kite with some tissue paper, or just cut one out. Whatever your children would like to do on the theme – why not give it a bash?

Here is our kite Valentines Card for you - pop along and see how we make this valentines card, and how you can adapt the design for littler and bigger hands to make too!

Anyway, enough chatter and on to the card….


  • White plain card, scalloped, but it doesn’t need to be
  • Dovecraft crafting paper, we used some hearts design, but you can use anything you like
  • Yellow button
  • Six oblong glass buttons, or alternatively some silver glitter glue
  • Heart motif (any colour, but we had a silver one)
  • Thin red ribbon
  • White bow buttons/toggles. If you can’t find these then some satin bows could work well instead
  • Sizzix framelits dies; oval set of four
  • Printer, for the sentiment :-D
  • Bostik micro dots
  • Foam sticky pads


1. Use your guillotine, and a guiding hand to cut out your craft paper to the size of your white card, and stick it down with some glue

2. Stick your yellow button in the top right-hand corner, and create your sun! Make sure you allow enough room from the edge of the tope of the card for your sunbeams though. If you are going to use glitter glue instead of buttons, you just need to make a few lovely glitter trails from your button

This is the sun for our kite valentines card; make sure you leave enough room for the sunbeams!

3. Add the sunbeams to the sun, leaving a little gap. Because these toggles are a little bumpy, we found that the micro dots were by far and away the best way of sticking them to the card, and making sure they actually stayed there ;-)

4. You now need to prepare your ribbons. Cut five lengths of ribbon from your real, all the same length. Be careful that you cut them cleanly so the ends don’t fray

5. Thread on your white bow toggle anyway that you like. We have spaced them out, but they aren’t even on each of the kite trails, but its really up to you what you do, of course. If you are struggling to thread them through your toggles, then use a large needle. You might want to help with kids with this one :-D

6. Carefully place your heart motif, or draw your heart in, on the top left of the sun, allowing enough room for the kite ribbons. Use the foam pads to attached the motif so it is raised off the card slightly

7. Push the ends of your ribbon under the heart kite, and secure them with white glue, or micro dots, whichever you prefer. Make sure you are happy with how they are spaced out. Give yourself enough room to add the sentiment over to the right and at the bottom

8. Cut out the background for your sentiment with one of the larger Sizzix Paperlit dies. Again, we used “I love you” Dovecraft paper here, but you could just use simple red card of course

9. Write out your “You make my heart take flight” sentiment on your computer, and then print it out. Make sure that your Sizzix die fits around it, and then cut it out

10. Place the larger oval on the bottom right, just over some of the kite trails and stick down with foam pads

11. Add the smaller oval, complete with your sentiment to it, and stick with more foam pads

The sentiment for your kite valentines card is a simple one - you make my heart take flight...but its lovely and perfect for any valentines card, wouldn't you agree?

12. You are ready to give to your sweetheart!

Lots of different lovely touches in the kite valentines card we have made - but it works really for anytime you want to show a bit of love to someone - even as a birthday card :-D

I so hope you like this. It is actually part of a great set of Quirky Blog Hops that I am doing with the Kid Blogger Network and Witty Hoots. If you have anything that you would like to link up in our Kite Flying Day linky, then do feel free. Please also visit the other wonderful blogs taking part in the linky – there are some gorgeous crafts, and ideas for you, all centred around kites.


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    Happy flying!

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