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Wood Pile spotter sheet: What’s in the Wood Pile?

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In celebration of the What’s in The Wood Pile book, we’re featuring a wood pile spotter sheet that works as a fun activity for children to practice their detective skills. Encourage children to use their eyesight to find what’s in the wood pile with our spotter sheet download.

Your children already have a curiosity about the world around them and with our spotter sheet, you’ll be able to encourage a love of nature. This what’s in the wood pile spotter sheet helps introduce your children to the world that’s right outside their front door.

Use the sheet to have a discussion about what your children have noticed in their gardens. Perhaps they have seen some exciting bugs, or even a spider, maybe even an ear-wig in the garden during playtime?

This fun spotter sheet combined with the fabulous books from Carl Mynott will help introduce more of our natural world to your children.

What's in a wood pile spotter sheet?

How to Use What’s in the Wood Pile Spotter Sheet

Click to download and print our What’s in the Wood Pile Spotter sheet.

Be sure to print one copy per child.

Have your child go outdoors to find what they can find using our spotter sheet as a guide. Remember these bugs and animals are typically found in and around wood, so encourage them to check those areas out in the garden. Alternatively, perhaps you can visit your local woods to find these critters instead?

Our spotter sheet features the following animals and insects that your child may find:

  • Earthworm,
  • Earwig,
  • Common toad,
  • Hedgehog,
  • Slow worm,
  • Ground beetle, and
  • Garden snail.

About What’s in the Wood Pile book

This book features a wood pile and an adventure story where children will become curious about what type of wildlife resides within that old wood pile in the garden. Enjoy every illustrated page in this book as you read with your children and try to find all there is in the wood pile.

There are many creatures that live in wood piles, from earthworms, hedgehogs, and earwigs. Travel along with Mummy as she takes you on a walk in search of all things that live in that old wood pile in her backyard.

Continue your mission to encourage a love and curiosity of wildlife with your children by reading Carl Mynott’s other books:

  • The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden,
  • What’s That Coming Over the Hill, and
  • The Birds Down the Lane.

While these four books by Carl Mynott are focused on encouraging children to understand and appreciate the world around them. Both kids and adults will have fun reading these books all the while using our what’s in the spotter sheet to expand your curiosity about the world around you.

About Carl Mynott

The author of these books has spent most of his life fascinated with wildlife and the world around him. With a mission to encourage children to have a keen sense and curiosity about the world around them.

Download your what’s in the wood pile spotter sheet today and purchase the book to start celebrating your love of nature with your children.

What's in a wood pile spotter sheet.

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