Free activity sheets for Bling the Movie; watch for FREE on Google Play

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We are looking forward to watching the movie, Bling for free on Google Play…so much so that we are enjoying the activity sheets that we have for the film too beforehand…..

Free Bling the movie build a robot activity


Free printable maze activity from Bling the movie


What’s more you can join us, as the film is FREE on Google Play, we are all having a party on Twitter with #BlingMovie at 1pm on Sunday 13 March – why not find out what it is all about with us then. However, just in case you are keen. Bling is rather a cute little movie.

In order to get access to the film all you need to do is..

  1. Set up a Googlemail account, if you don’t have, one, but it doesn’t take too long to sort out though. Jut click HERE.
  2. If you manage to set it all up, then grab your refreshments, popcorn is a must, right, and the kids, and away you go by CLICKING HERE TO VIEW!
  3. Have a ball with us all!

Bling the Movie sounds rather fab though, if you want to know a little more about it, its all focused on the lovely Sam, who is a theme park mechanic that really want to get with his childhood sweetheart, Sue. Sam thinks the Bling rung can help win his love, but he’s wrong. When Oscar, a supervillan comes with his own ring to destry the city, chaos results as Sam and Oscar confuse each other’s rings! Sam uses his robot superheroes to try and save the day, but will it work?

We would love you all to join us, and get a chance to see the film before it hits theatre’s later on in the year. A Google Play exclusive from Momentum pictures for you all. Bling time fun for everyone!

Sharing is caring!

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