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Printable world flag bunting

Teaching children about world flags can be a fun experience. Every country has its own flag and today we’re featuring our world flag bunting printable to help assist you in educating your children about world flags.

Free printable worlds flags bunting

What do flags symbolize?

A flag is not just a symbol of the world; it’s a way for a country to portray itself to the rest of the world we live in. Some colors in world flags do have a meaning, such as:

  • Red meaning valor or hardiness, or
  • White representing purity and innocence.

Any country’s flag helps give it a symbol to represent their area of the world.

Why do so many flags have stars?

Stars have been used on many world flags over the years. Stars can often represent different things for each country. For example, the stars on the China flag represent the communist party and four working classes. Even though the stars on world flags can represent something, they often have a similar meaning. Stars on world flags are a sign of divinity and good luck.

4 Activities you Can do with These World Flag Buntings

World Flag Quiz

Have your children print and cut out each world flag. Create a list of countries and have your children match each world flag up with the correct country each flag represents. Continue doing this until your child has successfully memorised each world flag and the country it represents.

Discuss World Flags

After your children have printed and cut out their world flag buntings, have them journal which colors are featured most frequently in each world flag. Discuss why these colors may be the most popular. You could even combine pie charts into this lesson plan by having your children create pie charts to display each color that’s featured in world flags.

Talk about Symbols

As your children work to learn the world flags, their colors, and symbols, discuss why each symbol may be used in the world flags. Discuss which symbols are most commonly found in each world flag. Brainstorm some of the other symbols that these world flags could feature. Once done, you could have your children create their own family flag that uses the colors and symbols of the world flags to represent their family.

These are just some of the fun discussions you can have and activities to enjoy with your children using this world flag buntings printable. We hope you’ll take time to discuss the various world flags with your children so that they can learn more about the world they reside in.

World Flag Buntings for World Flag Education

As I mentioned previously, today we would like to share Printable world flag bunting. Click this square image below to download:

Free printable world flags bunting

The world flag bunting should be able to decorate your classroom or even your party room and bedroom while children learning about the countries around the world. We also have some posts to help children learn more about places around the world.

World Flag Bunting - other ideas for the kids

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Friday 2nd of July 2021

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