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How to make a cookie cutter bird feeder #31daysofactivities

We have a brilliant start to our 31 days of activities posts this month; from Rowena at My Balancing Act. We are being treated to instructions on how to make a cookie cutter bird feeder; a great activity to do with the kids.

Why it’s important to feed wild birds

One of the ways you can help the environment is by feeding wild birds. Providing food for these animals is not only a great way to help them, but it also benefits you and your family. It’s a wonderful activity to do together and encourages children to be considerate and appreciate nature and wildlife as well as get creative!

If you are a bird lover, you might have noticed that the number of birds in your garden has decreased. This is because many of them are struggling to find food and shelter. The solution is to feed wild birds. It is important because it helps them find food, which in turn helps them reproduce and survive.

Birds play a critical role in the ecosystem. They help to spread seed and pollinate plants. Birds are also food for many animals, such as birds of prey, which hunt them for their own survival. So ultimately by making these lovely cookie cutter bird seed feeders you are also helping the circle of life and your local nature and wildlife.

We have put together this handy printable worksheet for you – scroll down to the button to download this to print out and share with your class or kids. You can also print out the details from our online card too.

Finally, you can also read how to make the recipe below:

Ingredients needed for make your cookie cutter bird feeders:

  • 12g of gelatine
  • 100ml boiling water
  • 350-400g wild bird seed

Equipment needed:

  • Heart-shaped or round cookie cutters (min 3cm deep)
  • Spoon, scissors, straw and string
  • Lined baking tray


It’s super easy and super fun to make the cookie cutter bird feeders. See the instructions below:

  • Mix the gelatine and boiling water together and gradually add the seeds until all liquid is absorbed. Leave to cool. Mixture should not be runny but still moist to the touch.
  • Put your cookie cutters into the lined baking tray and scoop the mixture inside the cutters. Cut the straw to size and push them into the mixture of each cutter.
  • Leave in a warm place to harden for a few hours. Remove the cutters very carefully and ease out the straws. Thread the string through the hole from the straw and tie to make a loop. Hang the feeders from a suitable height and watch the birds enjoy!

It really is that easy – and fun!

Note: You can get creative with the style of cookie cutter. Why not use a gingerbread man or snowman cookie cutter at Christmas!

To download the printable – just click on the button below:

If you would like to download the above instructions as a printable card – cli

What birds will eat from the bird feeder?

Birds can be found in many different habitats and climates. There are over 10,000 types of birds found around the world. But in the UK, you are most likely going to see sparrows, blackbirds, robins, and blue tits.

One of the most common wild birds in the UK is the sparrow. This small, black and white bird can be found in towns and cities across the country. The blackbird is also a well-known bird because it is very common in rural areas. The robin is often seen around gardens, orchards, and parks. It’s lovely seeing a robin in your garden eating from your bird feeder and they can also become quite tame!  And some people say that blue tits are actually Britain’s favourite birds and with their bright blue plumage and charismatic presence, it is easy to see why. They have a swift, jerky flight and can be spotted in gardens, woodland edges and parks.

Watch out for those cheeky squirrels though, they also love the bird seeds!!

Let us know in the comments below what birds and nature you’ve seen in your garden.

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