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Free 2015 year in review printable for a bit of fun with the kids

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It’s 2016! So exciting to start a new year with the kids, isn’t it? I love this time of year, full of excitement for the year ahead, and wonderful memories of the year just gone. It is a perfect time to reflect with the children on the year that has just been, and we love getting sat down, and doing our Year in Review.

As its the end of 2015, its time for a review of 2015 with the children. Why not do a year in review with them and you can look back on it in years to come.

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The printable take the opportunity to do a year in review in three different sections:

  • About me; to give you an idea of your child, and how they feel and think, asking things such as:
    • Their name, and age,
    • Favourite TV programs, and films,
    • What they would like to be when they grow up, and who their current hero is. My daughter picked Jessica Ennis, who is a wonderful role model for a ten year old to have.
  • Memories of 2015, so that you and your kids can look back at their favourite moments from 2015, and you have a personal record of them too:
    • Best thing to happen in 2015,
    • Hardest thing about 2015; as it is important for kids to learn from the things that didn’t go quite so well too,
    • What your kids learnt to do in 2015 that they are proud of; for example my daughter’s managed a round off in gym!
    • Best place visited in 2015; don’t be surprised if it isn’t what you expect here too ;-)
  • Looking towards 2016, so you can see what your children are expecting from the next year. Something worth keeping and reflecting on into the future of course:
    • What your children would like to learn,
    • Where they would like to go, and
    • What they are looking forward to the most about 2016.

You can’t deny that it’ll be fascinating to see what your children think, and to look back on this from year to year. How different the mind of a three year old is to a ten year old for example?

If you are looking to get organised in 2016, then do download our free 2016 calendar, which you can either print off, or the kids can colour in. A nice set of printables, coupled with this 2016 year in review to start your year off in a positive and organised way.

Why not get your kids to do their 2015 year in review? From throughts about themselves and ho they feel now, to what they enjoyed about 2015, and looking forward to 2016. Get your year in review from the kids, and it'll bring a tear to your eye in years to come. 

If you would like to check our our other printables on the site, do go take a look at them, and also follow our Pinterest board on them, as well as our Pinterest profile:

Remember to pin for later too, won’t you? Have a fantastic 2016, and I hope you enjoy the look back at your year in review for 2015 too.

Are you looking to get organised in 2016 and for the New Year? Look no further than our 2016 calendar - lovely designs for you, and wherever you are you can print this out, add he main dates for you to remember, and you never need to forget a birthday or holiday again! A 2016 calendar is a perfect way to start off a new organised you....
Free 2016 Calendar for adults and kids
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