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Free USA state jigsaw puzzle

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It’s so important to learn about the United States geography and what better way to learn than to use this USA State jigsaw puzzle?! This download allows you to easily help your kids learn more about the states found within the USA. Each state is easily labeled and can be placed together to create the complete western side of the USA with ease.

Learning about states in the US can be split up between a curriculum about the Eastern United States, Midwest, and the Western United States as well as the Southern United States. Placing a focus on one area of the USA at a time helps kids comprehend geography quickly and easily in a fun way.

Jigsaw puzzles help your children develop fine motor skills all the while learning about the states. If you’re wondering how The USA State Jigsaw Puzzle can help your kids, here are the benefits of using jigsaw puzzles to teach kids.

It's so important to learn about the United States geography and what better way to learn than to use this USA State jigsaw puzzle?!

What skills do jigsaw puzzles develop?

Cognitive Skills

Jigsaw puzzles help kids develop their cognitive skills. Through a hands-on activity like putting this USA State jigsaw puzzle together, your kids will develop a deeper level of understanding through the visual approach of learning.

Problem Solving Skills

As your kids work to put the USA states back where they belong together with a jigsaw puzzle, they’re working their problem-solving skills. This will help your kids retain the geographical location of the states easier as they develop their problem-solving skills further.

Fine Motor Skills

Your kids will have to use their fine motor skills to cut the USA state jigsaw puzzle and in turn, work their fine motor skills. Puzzles, such as this free downloadable USA State Jigsaw Puzzle, encourage your kids to use fine motor skills to cut the pieces and put them back together appropriately.

Self Esteem Skills

Lastly, your kids will feel a sense of pride as they work to complete this USA State Jigsaw Puzzle. They’re able to take the pieces and put them together as their geographical meant to be placed. In time your kids will master the location of the states and feel confident in their geographical knowledge.

There you have it, some of the benefits of using the USA states jigsaw puzzle to educate your kids at home. All the while having a blast working together to put a puzzle together. Puzzles are something that kids through adults enjoy. That’s why we’re excited to offer you a chance to use the puzzle in your everyday learning life.

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Reggi M

Wednesday 5th of February 2020

I'm not clear on how to download the US puzzle. Do you have a moment to help? Thank you for making my life easier by openly sharing your work! Reggi

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