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Free printable maze games for kids: with Lonely Planet

We love a good challenge for the brains and these free printable maze games for kids: with Lonely Planet are just that.

There are many amazing mazes to solve, so go on ahead print them and give them a go.

Free printable maze games for kids with Lonely Planet

Four Different Mazes to Choose From

Ready to print? Just click on any image bellow to print your free printable maze for kids.

Free Printable Camel Train Confusion Maze

Not your ordinary maze this camel train confusion certainly is a fun one.

Free Printable Macaque Monkey Madness Maze

Macaque monkey madness is quite challenging we think.

Free Printable Muddle through Manila Maze

Can you drive your way through this maze?

Free Printable Snorkel Scramble Maze

Find all the items in this one. Let’s do it.

Get ready for an a-maze-ing mission around the world with new books from Lonely Planet Kids

Travel a world of fiendishly fun mazes and discover amazing facts on every page in a treasure hunt like no other with Lonely Planet Kids first-ever maze books, published this month.

With Amelia’s Maze Adventure and Marco’s Maze Mission, explorers aged 8-to-12 are invited to travel the world with Lonely Planet Kids star characters Amelia and Marco on two special quests:

Lonely Planet Kids: Amelia’s Maze Adventure

Disaster! Lady Vivian Winthrop has returned from a round-the-world expedition, and her precious jewels are missing. It’s up to young explorer Amelia to retrace her steps and track them down. Assist Amelia as she tackles the Tomatina festival in Spain, waltzes through the Palace of Versailles, rushes to Mt Rushmore, and much more.

Lonely Planet Kids: Marco’s Maze Mission

Brilliant but absent-minded photographer Geronimo Keats is back from the trip of a lifetime. The only problem is, his possessions aren’t… Time for young explorer Marco to swing into action and find the missing belongings. Help Marco as he searches the world from Norway to New Zealand, Belize, and beyond.

Packed with fun illustrations and a gorgeous two-colour palette, these new books will provide hours of brain-boggling fun for children, with each book featuring over 40 mazes to complete.

Amelia’s Maze Adventure
Marco’s Maze Mission
May 2017 | £6.99 each | 1st Edition
279mm x 230mm | 128 pages

Free printable maze games for kids

About Lonely Planet Kids:
Lonely Planet Kids aims to kick-start the travel bug and open kids’ eyes and minds to the world around them. Our focus is on showcasing the quirky facts, amusing tales and inspiring stories that bring our planet to life. Through Lonely Planet Kids, we hope to share our love of travel, our sense of humour and our continual fascination with what makes the world the diverse and magnificent place it is. Join us – it’s an adventure that will never end! Find out more at

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