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Free layers of the earth printable

The composition of the Earth is a fun part of science education. There are so many projects and fun ways you can teach kids about the layers of the Earth. Today we’re providing you with a printable that will help kids learn what the layers of the Earth are and how each one is beneficial to our world.

layers of the earth printable.

If you’re looking for an easy way to help your kids learn more about the science involved in our home planet, then this printable is the one for you!

What are the 4 layers of the earth?

The 4 layers of Earth help keep our world working properly, those layers include:

  • The outer crust,
  • The crust,
  • The mantle, and
  • The inner core.

Each layer has a benefit for helping our world work the way it does. That’s where our printable comes into play. There is an answer sheet and a worksheet for the layers of the Earth for your kids to test their knowledge as you dig into this area of science and geography education.

What are 5 facts about the mantle?

Want to add more to this little educational printable? Then here are 5 facts about the mantle that you can include in your education of the layers of the Earth.

  1. The mantle is mostly-solid and counts as the bulk of Earth’s center,
  2. The mantle makes up about 84% of the Earth’s total volume,
  3. The molten material that surrounded the core created the mantle in earlier days,
  4. The temperature of the mantle varies, being at its highest temperature when it meets the Earth’s crust, and
  5. The mantle has several layers, including the upper mantle, the transition zone, and the lower mantle.

Learning about the Earth’s layers is one way to help kids understand and appreciate the world that they live in. We’re living on a planet that is comprised of materials like gas, rock and other compounds and elements that work together to help us have solid ground to live on every day.

If you’re ready to start your layers of the Earth curriculum, then you can download this free printable today to learn more and help your kids comprehend their mother planet, Earth. Click the image below to download.

layers of the earth printable

I hope you like that earth layer printable and it is useful to help children learning about the science topic. If you are looking for more science activities, you might like to spend time checking out the other articles on our site covering STEM:

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Take care and we trust you will be back soon!


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