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Free construction party themed printables for kids

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Are you having a construction party with the kids? Then you'll LOVE these free'll help to make sure they have a lot of fun!

Birthday parties – we all love doing them for our kids, but it is ALWAYS a tad more stressful than we hoped it would be right? Well if you are looking for themed birthday parties, why not go for a construction party theme for your little builder, or digging fan? Whether they are in to Bob the Builder, or just like getting down and dirty in the mud in your garden…there are plenty of fun ideas for you to take to your party.

And we’re got some construction related ones right here for you!

Looking for ideas for a construction birthday party - what about these fantastic truck popcorn holders...don't you just LOVE them!

There are a few different ideas for you to use within the birthday party setting that just scream construction party to the kids. We have:

  • Truck bowls,
  • Party hats,
  • Cupcake toppers,
  • Cupcake holders,
  • Placemats,
  • Drink banners,
  • Ice cream holders,
  • Birthday banners,
  • Gift tags,
  • Placenames.

There are over 19 pages for you to check out and use for your kids. There are also four different colour themes for you to check out as well. You can even personalise the printables as well one you have downloaded them, by editing the pdfs.

There are name tags, and banners for you to use; and you can personalise them too so the construction party is even specific to your kids!

If you like these ideas – do nip along to Pinterest and check out the other Printables that we have on the site. We are always adding new ones everyweek, and we also like to find great ones from t’interweb too.

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These really are adorable though, and your kids are bound to love them. From trucks, to hard hats, there is something for every construction mad little boy or girl there.

There are so many great construction birthday party printables to choose from - which ones do you want?

We hope you have seen enough to just love these – just check out the link below and enjoy them with the kids on the big day itself.

<< Download FREE construction party ideas with Tiny Me >>

Cheers again to TinyMe for letting me offer these to you all.


Thursday 11th of February 2016


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