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25 Free Christmas gift labels and other present printables

Everyone loves presents but what we love even more is the whole gift giving and gift receiving experience, the main part being the gift unwrapping! Just like the cherry on top of the cupcake a well chosen gift label makes all the difference and to help you with that we have a selection of 25 christmas present printables.

25 Free Christmas Present Printables

1 It’s great when you can give a personal note to your labels like you can with these christmas gift tags to colour. (pictured bottom right, pictured top left on the square image)

2 They say simple is the best and if you agree you’ll love these gift tags.

3. We love a pinch of vintage and if you do to these labels are just the thing.

4. These Christmas present printables have all your favourite sayings on them. (pictured middle right)

5. Candy canes and gifts are just some of the motives on  these lovely gift tags.  (pictured middle left,  pictured bottom right on the square image))

6. Fan of ugly sweaters? Why not have your present labels in the same style?

7. If you like the chalkboard look (and why shouldn’t you) these labels are a must.

8. Minimalistic… This is just the word to describe these.

9. Giving a gift to a kid? These lovely labels have all of their favourite characters on them.

10. Peace, love and Reindeer Hugs? Who wouldn’t be excited to get a gift tag like that?

11. One of these actually says “No Peeking”! Do you know someone who would need this one? Just print away!

12. These have a ton of colourful Christmas trees one them and they look fab!

13. There is just something super classy about monograms isn’t it? Just check these Christmas present printables!

14. We can even go beyond that! How about a few calligraphy gift tags? Gorgeous!

15. Cute Santas, Reindeer and more, kids will love these adorable present labels.

25 Free Christmas Lables Printables (1)

16. Or maybe a bunch of adorable little penguins? (pictured top, pictured top right on the square image)

17. We’ve got another pack of tags for all of you who love that vintage look.

18. Here’s a super clever idea that can also double up as a advent calendar!

19. Gifting cookies and cookie dough has been fairly popular lately so if you are thinking of going along that line do check these clever gift labels.  (pictured bottom left, pictured bottom left on the square image)

20. This set of labels is just adorable.

21. If you’re gifting treats this year you have to print these labels as they were designed specially for treats (oh so clever!).

22. Fan of woodland animals? Why not have them on gift tags?

23. Sprinkle a bit of joy with these positive Christmas present printables!

24. This gift tag came straight from the North Pole!

25. Last but not least do check these pretty watercolour present labels.

Be sure to pin this 25 Free Christmas gift labels so you be able to check all of them when you will need them. If you are looking for more Christmas fun, also be sure to browse our Love Christmas with Kids board as it is filled with all kinds of awesome things!

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