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Abominable activity sheets

Get your kids excited for the Abominable movie with these free activity sheets; we love giving away movie and entertainment related activities. So we are celebrating the release with some more fun for the kids.

Abominable activity sheets to download for free

Today I am giving away Abominable Activity Sheets to Download for Free.
This adorable free activity sheet download includes activities such as:

  • Coloring sheet,
  • Word Search,
  • Word Scramble, and
  • Maze.

The graphics in these free Abominable activities sheets are just as vivid as the scenes in this fun new family film.

Just in case you’re not quite sure what this Abominable move is all about: we follow a teenage girl named Yi as she happens upon a young Yeti. This Yeti is simply hanging out on the roof of her apartment building in China. Naming this adorable yet, Everest, Yi and her mischievous friends Jin and Peng go on an epic quest to reunite this creature with his family at the highest point on Earth. During this epic adventure, the friends will have to remain one step ahead of a man named Burnish who wants to capture their Yeti friend. 

The new UK trailer for Abominable is ready for you to watch so you can get excited to see this film with your family.

Abominable is out now on Digital and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray™ and DVD 10th February from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

You’ll enjoy some deleted scenes and extra footage with your copy of Abominable to include:

  • Spa Day,
  • Villains at the Map,
  • Magic Montage, and
  • Yak Attack.

Experience the story of how the filmmakers created this animated film with the “Making a Myth” movie feature. There are many more bonus features and short clips to watch when you bring home Abominable.

But first, you must download these free activity sheets to start getting your kids ready to enjoy the sweet story of Abominable.

When you opt to download these free Abominable activity sheets to enjoy with your kids, you’re saying yes to an epic adventure that encourages a love of imagination. Your kids will truly love following along with Yi on her adventures to get her friend Yeti “Everest” back home where he belongs.

Get your kids even more excited for the release of the upcoming Abominable movie with these free Abominable activity sheets!

These files are a little larger than usual, so we are sharing with you separately. Just click on the images below to download them one at a time.

Abominable colouring sheet

Abominable activity sheets

Abominable – other activity sheet

Get your kids even more excited for the release of the upcoming Abominable movie with these free Abominable activity sheets! #abominable #abominablethemovie #abominablefilm #abonimablemovie #funforkids #activitysheets #abominableactivitysheets #kiddycharts #freeprintables
NOTE: This is a larger than usual file due to the graphics within it, so takes a little time to load. Be patient – we promise it’ll be there for you soon. 😂

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