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Today we are sharing some awesome A Warriors Tail free activity sheets with you. Your kids will have lots of fun with these as there’s a colouring page to colour, a maze to solve and more.

A Warriors Tail free activity sheets for kids

A Warriors Tail Colouring Page

This wonderful colouring page features young Savva and his friends

A Warriors Tail Coloring Page

A Warriors Tail Maze

Find your way out of this maze, help guide Savva to his village

A Warriors Tail Maze

A Warriors Tail Word Search Puzzle

There are many words hidden in this word search puzzle, can your kids spot them all?

A Warriors Tail Word Search

Watch A Warriors Tail trailer, I promise it will give you goosebumps (in a great way)!

Savva, a nine year old,  lives with his mum in a small village in a forest once protected by a pack of regal white wolves. After the wolves leave under mysterious circumstances the village is left at constant risk of attack from ruthless hyenas and only a powerful magician can help. Savva escapes the hyenas to goon a search of the magician, on his search he finds himself in a magical world he had only heard stories of…

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  • Savva, a nine year old, lives with his mum in a small village in a forest once protected by a pack of regal white wolves.

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