Need potty training help: Enter the iPotty (ahem)…

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I was messing about on Twitter the other day, and the lovely Leanne posted a picture of this delightful little number….

iPotty for potty training - really
iPotty for potty training – really Source: AP

Now really, is that necessary was my immediate reaction. Surely we could use a book, give them a special song we sing together when we are on the potty; do we really need to resort to technology? It is the brainchild of CTA digital that makes accessories for our high tech gadgets, such as iPads and Kindles.

But is this a going a wee (get it?) bit too far? I thought we were doing well when we invented the iPoo a few months ago, but this?

It’s waterproof, obviously, but it still looks remarkably vulnerable in there…and is it really going to help your little ones to learn WHEN they need to wee, or are they just going to sit on it for hours on end trying to give those Angry Birds some?

I think I would much rather be limiting screen time for two to three year olds rather than getting them to associate it with going to the potty. Admittedly, some of MY best iPad work is done while on the toilet, but that’s only because its the only place I get any peace around here, and not because in order to hear that delicate tinkle, I need to be tinkering with the iPad.

But hey, that’s just me – what do YOU think!



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