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How the hell do you answer this one? On a postcard please…

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My little Chatterbox comes out with some stuff sometimes…

Most of the time, its wonderful, and occasionally its actually quite helpful.

But…every now and then, there’s a bit of a weird one, questions she asks to keep me on my toes, make sure I am not nodding off in my motherly duties:

Mummy, how did the first person know the first thing?


How do you answer that one?

Where do babies come from, Mummy?

This would have been easier to deal with....

To be honest, I’d have rather had:

Where do babies come from?

Or even,

Why do boys have willies and girls don’t?

I’m sort of prepared for those.

But that one had me reduced to a jibbering, pathetic excuse for a mother in 5 seconds flat. The rather unconvincing answer I came up with was:

Well, erm, yes, they didn’t. They learnt how to do things by trying things out. And when those things didn’t work, they tried those things again but in a different way until it did.

Given my total lack of warning of such a highly important evolutionary question, I thought that wasn’t too bad a go.

Probably a few to many “things” perhaps….

Now I am asking YOU – what would you have said?  Maybe I can then go back and give her a proper answer…

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Mummy Glitzer

Thursday 25th of April 2013

I think I'd have said the same as you to be honest!

family four fun

Saturday 16th of June 2012

What I find most annoying about children's questions is that usually be the time I've got the 'right' answer - thank you google - they've moved on and are no longer that interested. I probably would've said very similar to what you did though. x

Catherine Kelly

Friday 15th of June 2012

Not that much help I'm afraid, but I did ask my girls the following question the other day, to get them thinking...! Me: Which came first the chicken or the egg? If they replied "The chicken", I asked "Where did it come from?" If they replied "The egg", I asked "What laid it?" Obviously each time they replied one and I asked the question, they then changed their minds and I then asked the other question!! We kept going for a bit until they "got" it! Fun! Made them think :-)

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