Give your babysitter a pat on the back in the Babysitter of the Year Awards

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Finally you can give your babysitter the credit they deserve with the babysitter of the year awards!

Finally, us parents can give our babysitter’s a bit of a virtual pat on the back with the first Babysitter of the Year Awards from

<< But HURRAY voting in the Babysitter of the Year awards closes on the 25th January! >>

Di your kids have a favourite sitter; one that lets them do the odd thing that perhaps you won’t; like watch TV for 10 minutes longer than you would, or give them a little bit of a treat before tea?!?

It might even be that the sitter stays within the rules, and the kids STILL like them – sometimes that DOES happen you know? We have a sitter who is just “awesome” because she is a little bit younger to the ones that our kids have had previously.

This. Makes. Them. Cool.

Who knew? Wish being young wasn’t something so impossible to achieve, then perhaps I’d be a popular sitter, rather than just a pain in the proverbials because I “always” make people go to bed when their parents say they are meant to!

How to vote for your babysitter?

Voting for your babysitter is actually super easy. All you need to do is:

  • Visit the profile for the sitter (they need to be registered for the site as otherwise they are ineligible)
  • Click on the vote button within their profile, and
  • That is totally it!

See. I told you it was easy. Just in case you need a little bit of visual help; here is a picture of one of the Childminder profiles in London for you. I have even been kind enough to highlight where the vote button actually is so you can see.

Voting for the Babysitter of the Year really is very simple - see!

Never let it be said that I don’t show you stuff….

Why not pop along to the had vote for your babysitter of choice; give them the recognition they deserve for helping you and yours have a night off, and a few moments peace!

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Make sure you vote for your babysitter of the year with - com on, give them a pat on the back!

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